Goodbye 2012, Hello New Year!

2012 is my year of positivity. I had great experiences with good friends, learned new things, improved on a lot of my hobbies and so much more. Compared to the previous years 2008 to 2011, 2012 is a complete transformation from too much drama and negativity to positivity and peace! Well not world peace, but peace of mind.

Before the year ends, I decided to share some happy moments I had for 2012.


Things That Make Me Happy #3: Christmas Hangover!

Though I practically locked myself in my room this holiday season, I feel well rested.. well duh, how can I not feel rested when all I did was eat, sleep, play, read, and watch dramas for 4 days straight? Currently I am preparing myself for another 4 day isolation therapy for this coming New Year hahaha!

I haven't been posting anything but my Happy series lately. I've been meaning to start a new art work on Sai or some polymer clay charms but I had second thoughts since I wouldn't put it down until I finish drawing/crafting again wahahaha! Lazy daisy~!

I'll try to post some artworks in between, for now here's another random dose of positivity.

 Glitter Santa! Isn't he the cutest wine bottle topper?


Things That Make Me Happy #2: Christmas Spirit

What a busy week hmm month(?)... I was more busy doing Christmas related activities at work rather than my actual tasks now I have a buttload ton of tasks to do. It's so stressful I almost forgot about my Happy blog series. Too much negativity around me. Good thing I remembered about my little goal of making a weekly list of things that make me happy. I really need a good dose of positivity right now. I choose to be happy! ^__^


Was I this awkward?

My grandmother's special mass is over, we decided not to go to the US to visit our grandmother so that we can hold a little service for our relatives here in the Philippines. Although, to be honest... I wanted to go and see her, but I can't be selfish, I'm not the only one who loved her.

I made a short video/slideshow for her, it was quite funny when I was adding music to the presentation, I couldn't use the usual songs people use for funerals like Somewhere In Time or Hindi Kita Malilimutan or The Prayer, they were too sad! My grand mother was the happiest person I know. She always had parties... costume parties to be exact. I've heard numerous stories of her and her "conquests" about her boyfriends/crushes, yes, it's not just one. I've heard stories of her dissing her boyfriend because he wanted to marry her.. hahaha! She didn't want any responsibility of taking care of her husband. HAHAHA! I also found a recognition award she won included in her photo album for being the Most Energetic and Cheerful Participant of 2011 hahaha.  Only fun upbeat songs suit my grandmother. :) She lived her life well.

The actual certificate is with me.


In memory of Lola Piang

I just found out that my grandmother passed away, It should be a sad thing but all my memories of her are happy memories, I can't help but smile each time I think of her. Though we lived miles away from each other, I always heard about her funny adventures. She was such a pleasant person, always smiling, throwing her cute costume parties with her friends and loved ones.

I decided to have an impromptu dose of positivity dedicated to my family and my dearest lola Piang:


Positive Energy, Things That Make Me Happy

I stumbled upon a very inspiring blog (Color Me Katie) while I was on a break. I don't know how to describe how I am drawn in... she has something that I wish I had, her lifestyle, the choices she can make when it comes to decorating her room/house, the confidence she has to take random people "unknowingly" interacting with her street art. I wish I didn't care what people say, just like her.

As soon as you see Katie Sokoler's blog, ton's of fun, colors and positivity welcome you. This is why I will attempt to do a little "What Made Me Happy" series inspireby by Katie's posts. A dose of positive energy every now and then wouldn't hurt. Also, I get to be more confident in taking pictures since I would be posting more photos of things that make me happy :) I should definitely make this a new year's resolution.

Things that made me happy this week,

The mess I made during my art attacks... more like an art revolution on my table.


Hello Clay, We Meet Again - Work In Progress

A few more days before Christmas and here I am trying to cram my Christmas gift project. Last year, I used Air Dry Clay, this year I revisited my polymer clay stash. I think I think I prefer polymer clay over air dry clay, despite the extra step of baking it. Air Dry Clay is too messy for me and I have to work fast, and I feel pressured because my clay is drying... =__=


Blog Character, A Chibified Me

I'm still in search for a good chibi version of me, I haven't found my own drawing style I can recreate more than once. I need more practice... So far I've been trying to copy some pictures and making it my own as practice so I can find the particular style I'm comfortable with. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who's like this but ever since I learned how to draw, I tried to copy something and learn while I copy what I'm drawing and when I'm comfortable doing a certain look or style. I try to incorporate it in most of my drawings until I master it. >_<


Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner and Some Random Stuff

WHEW!! What a mouthful! I've been lemming for this liner since I saw a review on bunbunmakeuptips.com September this year. I kept looking for online sellers but I gave up for a few months until I discovered the Clio stall at the SM department store in SM Megamall. I bought a the black and the purple liners for 475 Php, way cheaper than the other online sellers!

I bought the blue and the purple ones~!


Etude House Collagen Moistfull Skin Care Kit

I can't believe I just opened this trial kit after so many months... I should have tried it immediately! Honestly, I've been trying to limit my blog entries about beauty products to just nail art, actually I didn't want to post anything make up or skin care related... until I tried the freebie I got from etude several months ago.


My First Gel Nail Polish experience

I was finally able to try gel polish! Although I can't/won't say where I got it because I'm not 100% happy about the application. Just sharing my first time.

Looks like I have to upgrade my photo storage, I couldn't upload anymore as I have reached the 1 gb limit so I posted the picture through instagram. I hope my gel nail poslish would really last long :)


Vintage Nail Art

I've finally tried it!

I'm currently going through a color identity crisis, last time I was going for mermaid colors, this time it pastel colors that's why I finally tried doing the vintage nail art design. Even though mint green does not suit my skin color... This pastel color phase is such a pain because most of the colors I like does not suit my skin color =_= Oh well, hopefully it'll pass.


Digital Art Bucket List: Chibi me...

I have a digital art bucket list that I would like to accomplish... someday. Well, like all my hobbies, I haven't set a deadline for the bucket list. I would like to take my time in challenging myself with these mini goals. I'll put my bucket list in a different post, for now I'll share my first attempt at crossing out one of the things I've listed:

"Create a chibi representation of myself" Chibi is Japanese (slang) for "small child" or "short person" (source). Japanese caricatures.

 I present to you a drawing of myself while working (at home~).


Water Droplet photos

I totally loving the glass and rainx trick I learned... I took more water droplet shots but this time using a glass sheet, from a picture frame and a black microwavable container (lol).

Hope you like the photos, The red pictures came out nice, I used my red laptop sleeve for the back ground teehee... For the multicolored ones, I used my blanket LOL!


More practice shots

Double post for today, I think I got what I wanted today. While browsing some macro photos of beads I came across this site: Photographing Water Droplets. The first part of the explained how the photographer used a piece of glass and rain.x to get a stunning water droplet shot and I happened to have rain.x for my car~! I immediately took out my rain.x and tried it on my mirror, here are the shots I got ^__^

A beady day :)

After that stressful lunch, I lost interest in watching my K-dramas or my Anime series but I was really bored so I decided to practice my photography. I recently revived my ear piercings, thanks to my friend who gave me pearl earrings that magically rid me of my allergies. I couldn't wear any type of earring because my ears somehow became sensitive, even hypoallergenic earrings for babies would make my ears burn and itch. Can you imagine how happy I was when the pearl earrings didn't give me rashes on my ears? After several days of wearing the earrings I tried wearing some of the earrings I had since high school, and yes, I kept all my earrings even though they weren't valuable. Just like my mom who kept my first pair of earrings in her jewelry box, which was kept in a safety deposit box until the day she died ^__^

Oh no, I was emotionally side tracked hahaha, but it's such a touching thing for my mom to do, right? I'll post about it some other time ^__^

So before I get sidetracked again, here are some pictures I took, they aren't exactly what I wanted but the pictures at least made my day.


New Color Preference: Mermaid Colors

I was chatting with a friend about my recent color preferences and realized that I've been leaning towards the mermaid colors, or whatever you call it hahaha! My last color phase was pink, orange and corals... I was in denial about my love for pink during that time. =_=

Anyway, I suddenly wanted to draw something that had mermaid colors in it and well I did the obvious and drew a mermaid. =___=

It's still a work in progress but I'm absolutely happy about how it turned out.


Nendoroid Sakura Shinguji

She's here!!!! I'm so happy I pre-ordered her. I had to buy her since I loved the anime so much and I can never forget the 2nd ending song of the Anime~ Kanna is so cute!!!

It's been a while since I posted about nendoroids huh? I was supposed to sell my previous nendoroids until I saw Sakura... it's such a classic anime that I couldn't resist buying her >_<

I hope they release more Sakura Taisen Nendoroids, if there's a Nendo version of Kanna or Sumire, I would definitely buy it.. both =_=. Kanna is actually my fave character from the series but Sakura is the lead so I had to buy her *cough* *trying to justify the expense* *cough*


Nail Polish Haul After Math

After buying 7 new shades of nail polishes I ended up using an old nail polish instead. It's actually my bad habit when I buy go on a mall rage for nail polishes. I buy two or more colors and I get overwhelmed so I use an old nail polish =_= It always happens even if I am really excited about my new nail polish.


Sassy Color Nail Polish Haul

I dropped by Watson's this afternoon to check out the Revlon counter for the Just Bitten balm stains but I didn't see the shade I wanted, so I ended up at the Nail Polish Aisle =__= I was surprised to see the Sassy Colors display, Watson's only displayed less than 10 colors in really small bottles several months ago and now they had an overwhelming display of choices. Unfortunately, my mall rage kicked in and I ended up buying 7 shades, but it's a great deal! 18 pesos for amazing shades!

Trying SUPER hard to take an artsy shot (but failing miserably)


Alice... As Promised.

I did promise to post the whole picture of my version of a sedated Alice, which I submitted for a digital art contest at work, 2 posts ago. I was quite busy with work for the past few days and I wasn't able to post anything. Since the contest is done, I was finally able to sign my name on it ^_^


I won first place!

I won!

Remember my last post? I entered a photo contest in our company and won first place for the minimalist category and second place for the digital art category.

Remember my macro shot of a syringe? I also entered it in the contest~! Unfortunately my Alice in Wonderland digital art only won 2nd place... BUT

I'm still happy ^__^


What Kept Me Busy for the Past Few Days

At last I completed my biggest drawing project ever, at least for me. It took me several days to finish this >_< I'm not that good at putting backgrounds behind my drawings so I kinda struggled. I also had to redo the inking and coloring and everything else =_= huhuhuhu.

I've been thinking whether I should enter this in a certain digital art contest. Well it's not some high profile contest though but I'm worried that my art would be a dead giveaway that I made it, I think we're supposed to keep quiet about our works until someone wins. I'm still contemplating whether to enter. Well, tomorrow's the deadline for the entries so I still have a few hours to think.

Until I decide to join, I'll just post a portion of my work =_= (If I don't join tom, I'll post the full picutre).

I added a filter since I felt that the original picture was lacking something... I'm not sure what looked better.

With an antique-ish filter


Random: If Your Drawing Will Come to Life...

I just had to share. I feel quite giddy for the past few weeks, must be the otome games I've been playing. I'm so addicted to the games lately. In line with my current addiction to otome games and drawing, I was drawn to this artwork... Hihihi Imagine those bishies coming to life and taking over the world Har har har!


If I can draw better... I would draw some hot bishie GWAHAHAHA!


Rant: Stuck!

I hate doing hair on my artworks.. I hate it so much!!! At the moment I have several "HAIRLESS" artworks in progress.

I know what to do... I know what I want my work to look like but for some reason it never turns out the way I want it to!!! arrrgggghh It's so frustrating!

One thing I'm absolutely proud about myself is my being a super fast learner. As long as I have the right tools, I can learn whatever I want to learn. But NOOOOOO... I've tried reading all the tutorials I could find and I have my ancient drawing tablet and SAI and I still can't manage to color hair properly! Bleaaauuurrrrrgghhh... =_=

*shakes fist*

= End of Rant =


"Thin-spiration" part two

I read something about Multiply converting to an e-commerce site instead of a blog site several days ago and I went through some of my albums and saw pictures of myself during my sister's wedding... All I can say is:

What the h*** happened?!


SAI: Work in progress

I decided to draw today, I needed to practice. I don't think I can finish this in one art attack session though... however I think I feel more comfortable using my tablet compared to when I first started.

Well here's a sneak peek of my latest artwork... I really hope I can finish it:


Online Loot from KKCenterHK

I bought some falsies at kkcenterhk.com in preparation for my friends wedding, unfortunately it took a while until the package arrived... I was so excited when I checked the tracking site and saw that my package arrived in the Philippines on 16-July-2012... I kept waiting for the notice from our post office, half a month later and 2 days after my friends wedding, the notice came. It's really sad that I knew that the package  arrived in the country weeks before the stormy season started. It's quite ironic how fast it took to ship a few items from Hong Kong to Manila in just 7 days and the package waited a whole 15 days here in the Philippines before I get my package.

Ok fine... . I should be happy that my package arrived despite the stone age like processing here in our country. I'm really lucky that kkcenterhk.com shipped my items as quick as they could.

Anyway, here are the items I bought and please bare with the cutey-patootey filter... trying to lighten my mood besides I don't think the items I bought need pictures that are close to their colors in real life.. >_<


Cinderella photo dump

I feel like Cinderella today, not because of the curfew, but because of the transformation. This morning, I went to Tony and Jackey, my favorite salon, to have my hair curled temporarily. I costs 500 Pesos but it was totally worth it. I love how my hair turned out.

Anyway, here's a photo dump of my Cinderella-ish day today. ^_^ I had so much fun at my friend's wedding ^_^.

The sugar-rushed candy hoarders.


NOTW: Cheese flavored bling

Orange nail polish makes me think of the moment you step out of a movie house and see the effects of the cheese popcorn you were eating while watching... an orange mess. Hahaha.


Random: Daily Items

Interesting... yesterday I wanted to post about the products I've been using everyday. Unfortunately, yesterday was laced with so much drama that I shouldn't really give a **** about, (I am such a flypaper for freaks) I wasn't able to post anything.

I apologize for the super negative start but to balance it out here are the stuff I use everyday (negativity vs vanity.. yay) :

I'm posting about this since, when I first arranged my make up like this, I was surprised that I wasn't using as much as I thought I was using. Initially, I thought I was using way too much make up in the morning but when you lay my products all out like this, it doesn't seem like much. I don't even have any lipstick, blush or eyeshadow.


Random Photo dump: Vanity

I think I'm turning into an extra vain creature by the minute... I'm a more "girly" now, compared to how I was 1-2 years.. erm...10 months ago.. (lol). I'm not complaining though, I'm quite happy about it and I feel like I had a self esteem boost because of all the vain and superficial stuff I do. For example, doing nail art makes me feel different from other girls. It doesn't really help me career-wise or it doesn't improve my lovelife (nyahahaha) but it's a temporary confidence boost.

I feel selfish in thinking/feeling different from other girls because I feel that I'm good at doing nail art designs... compared to the people around me though. I'm not at par with the nail art bloggers yet, but they are virtual reality. ^_^ Hahaha, it feels weird writing this, I feel like a lot of people will hate me for it, but I'll keep it here as a reminder for me to stay humble hahaha!

I only have one vain photo dump today ^_^ I don't usually post pictures of myself in any social network or this blog though.. I'm just happy how this pic turned out despite the low resolution ^_^ I just had an impromptu hair cut at my favorite salon (Tony and Jackey Makati). I asked my stylist, Candy, to keep the length and just thin my hair out. I love how she did it, it made my hair look longer! The stylists in Tony and Jackey are amazing.


A Rant Against Spam

When I started my blog here at Blogger.com, I never really intended to earn money from it although honestly, it would be a plus for me if it did. I don't mind if my blog doesn't attract readers since this is a personal blog and not a niche blog.

Every thing I blog about is personal and random. I don't write any product reviews like the beauty bloggers do because I am not confident in doing reviews. I may have voiced out my opinions on some purchases I had but I wouldn't consider them as reviews, just random thoughts. I could do some reviews, but at the moment, I don't feel like I am in the right position to write reviews. So I'll just leave it to our beauty bloggers or tech bloggers.


Department Store Haul~!

[I should've posted this before my  NOTW entry] hihi~

I've been under the weather for the past few days because of stress at work, so I decided to splurge a bit and buy some pretty nail polishes for my last Nail Art accessories haul. I was only planning to go to Etude House to buy a bottle of the scented nail polish remover and then to the department store to buy a good nail polish color from china glaze. I spotted Tony Moly when I was on my way to the china glaze display =_= Tony Moly did more damage on my budget than my real purpose in the department store =_=

Here are the things I bought from Etude:


NOTW: Red, Silver and Pearls

Despite the lack of creativity in naming my entry, I am quite happy about how my nails turned out today. I was extra patient while doing it too~!


Look what I got~! A BornPretty Haul.

This is my last minute post for today, I'm so exhausted and I think I already starting to doze off. But before that, look what came in the mail for me today~!

I got the nail art accessories I purchased from the Born Pretty online store

I was ready to wait a few more weeks but I already got the notice from our local post office that a package came in for me~! However, I wasn't able to get the packaged this morning so I asked someone else to get it for me... I was thinking about it the WHOLE day despite being awake for practically 36 hours =_=

I couldn't wait to open it! Here's what I got:


NOTW: Etude's Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails No. 2

I decided to take some pictures of my current nail art using some photography apps I currently discovered because of Xiaxue's blog post: Best Photo-Editing iPhone Apps. And yes, I find her blog fun to read. I admire her for her radical honesty. ^_^

I don't have an iPhone but I assumed most of the Photo editing apps in itunes are available in the android market ^_^ I downloaded Camera 360 and Photo Wonder and I am absolutely enjoying the camera filters.

Feast your eyes on the pink sparkly glitter gradients~!

I used the Sunshine filter from Camera 360 for this shot


Mall rage and shoe addictions

I haven't been posting much on my blog recently, I'm having an artist block. All my hobbies have been put on hold. I couldn't do a decent nail art, I can't even draw any chibi (Japanese slang for small child) characters on Sai. My drawings end up looking like disfigured children rather than cute children...

So, what have I been up to for the past few days after posting my only successful artwork in the 8 years I've had my graphics tablet? (and yes, I've had my tablet since 2004.. oh oops, off topic).

I have been wreaking havoc in all the malls that I can go to. In 3 weeks, I've already purchased 3 pairs of shoes. I practically buy one pair of shoes and/or flip flops every other year so this is a big deal for me (and my wallet). I've already bought 6 pairs this year. 2 wedges, 1 gladiator sandals, 2 red ballet flats and a pair of pumps.

I know the shoes I bought aren't as fashionable as the shoes other bloggers post. But, I'm not a fashion forward person so these are bold enough for me hehe.

Anyway, I bought these three on sale at Payless Shoe Store at Shangri La. They're all painful to walk in =_= even the flats.


Following the Instagram Bandwagon: Photo dump~! (IMG heavy)

I haven't posted much for the past few days. As usual, I'm uninspired to do anything. I can't draw, I can't do a decent nail art design, I am totally broke... =_= Well, the last one sums everything up. The lack of funds... /end

I'm more active in taking instagram shots since it became available on the Android market. My android phone has a better camera than my itouch. I'm slightly depressed about a photo walk opportunity I'll miss tomorrow so I'm posting my old instagram pictures for the past few days. I also added an instagram gadget on my blog layout too. To show that I'm still somehow alive.

First of all... Nail art. Although I did say that I haven't had a decent nail art design for so long... This was pretty decent but I took it off after a few days because I made a mistake with the colors and the top coat.

I've been a little extra obsessed with raspberries (again). I wonder what triggered it back.

nom nom nom
Raspberry Macaroons.. nom nom nom


My First Successful Digital Art

I wasn't able to finish my last digital art... I kinda stopped at her hair and I lost interest. This time I'm quite proud of myself (hihi) since I was able to finish a drawing in one session! I think I'm starting to find my style. I was a little too OC drawing my previous works so it took me a while to finish. This time I didn't care that much if my details were a bit messy.

I guess I did learn something in the watercolor workshop I went to several months ago.

It's definitely a big improvement from my last artworks, right? ^___^


Levitation Photography

I don't usually feature other blogs here but I'm totally in love with the photos by Natsumi Hayashi in her webpage yowayowacamera.com.

Quote from her webpage:

Natsumi Hayashi
Lives in Tokyo with two cats.
Photographs mainly levitating self-portraits (and cats not levitating).
yowayowa is a Japanese term meaning "weak" or "feeble."
Since I'm yowayowa, it's really heavy to carry SLR cameras around.

She takes beautiful shots. Considering the photographs are "self portraits" I'm totally amazed by her photographs. Other levitation shots are done by taking a shot of the background, a shot of the person standing on something and then Photoshop comes in. Natsumi Hayashi shares how she takes these amazing self portraits in her website: first, with a self timer and second with a friend. ^_^ Jump Jump Jump until you get a great shot!


Out of the Box

"Literally" out of the box.

Last night I was so frustrated. I couldn't find a perfect Nendoroid display case. I would've bought it from ebay if there were display cases available but they were our of stock. I remembered I was able to buy a make-shift display case in Daiso so I decided to pay Daiso near my place. I couldn't find the display cases I wanted from daiso but I was able to find super cute bottles for 88 PHP (approx. 2 USD).

Miku and Ui look so lost! Waaaa so cute~! Saber is trying to escape! Hahahaha~! The nendoroids with weird/cute faces would look perfect in the bottles... unfortunately Kirino looks out of place T^T

I only have 5 nendoroids in my collection so far but I don't think I'd buy more of these bottles if I had more nendoroids. I can't stack them because of the lids and the bottom. But hey, they look so cute!!! *Kirino Face*


Random: Can't get over it~

I really can't get over this artwork from http://www.dahliart.jp, Takenaka's Illustration Portfolio

Doesn't it look like Lee Yoon Ji in Dream High? >_< I know, I know this is so last year but I remembered it again when I saw new updates in dahlia.jp (I love love love love the artwork!)


Personal: Mother's Day

Last sunday, my sister and I went to the salon to get our hair done. My sister wanted a change in her hair cut and I wanted my hair dyed black. Since my sister knew the owners of the salon we went to, she chatted with them first and made me get my hair color first.

When my sisters haircut was done... I was really surprised and speechless, she looked so much like our mom. She told me she was thinking about getting the same hair our mom had before she died. Our mom died in 1986, with super short curly hair. I think that was the fad at that time, I wouldn't really know I was only 4 at that time. BUT..  I remember my mom being the trendy mother during family gatherings ^_^ My sister's the same.

My sister told me when she was visiting my aunts in LA, she playfully wore a wig that looked like my mom's hair do, 2 of my aunts were brought to tears because my sister looked like her. My aunts are so cute :) I guess seeing  my sister looking like my mom is a Mother's day reminder for me.. hehe

Ma, if you can read this, We're okay ^_^ S, is doing a great job being a sister and a mom to me ^_^ we won't bully papsie that much. ^__^

Happy Mother's day!


New Hobby: Needle Tatting?

Yes... I picked up a new craft. It's called needle tatting. I did mention about this 2 years ago in a hobby related post. I finally got the right needles for it. I bought my needle set on ebay.

What made me pursue the new hobby?

I saw some jewelry posts from a blog I follow. I liked her purchases from that online store. I browsed through the seller and rather than being interested in the accessories being sold... I was more intrigued by how the accessories were made. I knew it was needle tatting... erm but I'm not 100% sure about it.

I think it's the same for my other hobbies. I'm more interested in how they were made instead of the accessory itself. I hardly wear any accessories. I don't wear watches, bracelets, earrings.. necklaces and so on. My ears are sensitive even to hypo-allergenic earrings T^T

Anyway, I received my needle set today and I almost immediately attempted (Immediately after work =_= geez..) the basic stitches. It takes a while to get used to. Crochet is a little more natural for me to do. The finger work for needle tatting is a lot different from crochet. The needle moves for crochet and for needle tatting, you loop the thread around the needle. It's difficult to describe... well the hand movements for needle tatting is very similar to knitting. Oh!! It's similar to casting on with one needle!

Here's failed attempt #6 and a finish product.


L'oreal Base Magique

I actually left this post in my drafts for so long! I completely forgot about it!

I thought about buying this for 2 weeks... I've read mixed reviews about it but I still ended up buying. I wanted something like Etude's Goodbye Pore Ever but for the whole face. I was super excited when I swatched this. It was like Photoshop in a tub, even better than Goodbye Pore Ever. Unfortunately, I broke out with MASSIVE pimples. I don't usually get huge pimples and I've hardly changed my routine except for this... *sigh* It's too good to be true...

I spent P945 for this so I really need to make this work! *sobs* I wonder what I can do..


Battling Freckles: trying to hide them

Here we go again... Ekai vs. freckles round... erm... I lost count already. My freckles have lightened already since I started a skin care routine. I still have noticable freckles though. So I recently decided to look for a color corrector or a good concealer. I've visited Mac, Laura Mercier, Benefit, Bobbi Brown and Shu Uemura yesterday and tested out their concealers

I was totally amazed by Mac's cream concealer I love the coverage (and the sales attendant~) but my make up looked to heavy and my face got a little itchy and oily. It was the cheapest option from all the one's that I've tried.

The Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer palette was great, if not better than Mac's. Actually, I don't have any issue with the palette. It definitely did it's job concealing my blemishes perfectly but I wasn't really able to test it out on my freckles so I didn't buy it.


I just couldn't help it...

I bought another lipstick from etude... Even though my lips chap like crazy when I wear lipstick, I still couldn't help myself and bought another lipstick.

I'm so happy I found shades that look nice on my skin. Apparently, neutral colors and purple shades look good on me ^_^ I still can't grasp how warm or cool toned a lipstick is right now so I try on a lot of lipsticks. The first two lipsticks that looked good on me were from Etude's Dear My Blooming Lips line. I posted about it here. Out of the two lipsticks, I was only able to buy 1 shade... until a 2 days after buying my first choice... =_=


Cheat day - Indulging the lemming in me

I've been trying really hard to be a little thrifty for the past few months. Despite the "stinginess" I ended up buying what I was drooling over 2 weeks ago.. seriously, I really lack discipline.

I posted my etude lipstick wish list 2 weeks ago. I wanted 5 out of 36 lipsticks on the "Dear My Blooming Lips" line

OR202, OR206, RD303, RD304, BE104
Out of the 5 BE104 was the only shade that suited me. I was only able to try 2 shades, BE103 and BE104 from the BE row but both shades were gorgeous! I didn't have enough cash and I wasn't able to bring my card so my wallet was spared from an impulse buy.. I ended up buying only one item, BE104. I'm bothered that I wasn't able to buy BE103, though. T^T


Dangerous Packaging and Chronic Clumsiness

I'm not sure if anyone noticed but the Packaging for the Nail Polish Remover and the Lip and Eye make up remover looks dangerously the same...

Even the pink nail polish remover looks 'similar' to the mascara remover
Last night, while I was in a food coma and getting ready to sleep. I went over my "work area" (can't call it a vanity) and reached for my Lip and Eye Make up remover which was beside my Nail Polish remover. I noticed that I almost grabbed the bottle of Nail polish remover instead of the make up remover.

Of course I wont blame it all on the packaging. I was born a clutz and my room is branded (by my own brother) as a pigsty. *Sigh* maybe it's just my clumsiness after all..


I found my foundation shade~!

For the past few weeks, I have been banning myself from going to the mall to check out the newly renovated beauty section at Shangri la. Unfortunately, I had run some errands at the mall... And yes.. I couldn't help myself.

I made a beeline for the MAC stall and checked out the Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation in NC40. It's a perfect match! I was so happy about it but I've always been drooling over Shu Uemura's Face architect so I decided to visit the Shu Uemura kiosk and I ended up buying my first ever Shu Uemura product!

Please forgive the blurry shot, I was too excited.


Nail of the Week #1 and a few random things

I'm trying out this "Nail of the Week" thing bloggers do... We'll see how far I'll get doing this..

My friend bought me a Konad Stamping Kit 2 weeks ago. The kit came with the M2 plate. It's a floral plate with a cow/cat/creature.

I should have taken a shot of the plate BEFORE using it.


Lemming for lipsticks

I think my curiosity for make up products have reached a new level. I've started exploring the colorful world of lipsticks... However, when I attended a make up workshop last February, the instructor told me that I tend to be a little conservative when it comes to putting color on my face.

Unlike most girls, I'm uncomfortable being in the spotlight. I'm not saying that I don't like being the center of attention though. This is the main reason why I don't like trying new things out like wearing a skirt or a dress or even putting on lipstick. I usually go for the subtle things that make people wonder what's different about me.

Here in the Philippines erm... (maybe not the just in the Philippines... I'm not sure) or a least where ever I go...When I wear a dress, or a skirt or put on something out of the ordinary there will ALWAYS be some who would shout out something like "WOW! Saan ang party!?" *Wow! where's the party!?* or "Uy! May date!!!" *roughly translated as: You have a date!* (*coughs*).


Random Post: Bad Blogger

Happy Easter~!

I've been neglecting my blog again >_<  I've noticed that every time I'm on a shopping ban I tend to neglect my blog a bit.

Warning: This is a lengthy post... Lot's of stuff to talk about. Hauls, Workshops and financial problems.


Anyway, I decided to make my shopping habit my sacrifice for Lent. Unfortunately, I did cheat a bit but I didn't post it on my blog immediately because I was ashamed HAHAHA.. erm I mean Huhuhu...

Here's my cheat haul... Not so much.. The sales lady was in a really good mood so she gave me the freebie pillow even though my haul was below 2k.

 I bought a red orange lippy, the Be Clear Toner, the Milk talk strawberry body wash (I wanna drink this =_= smells so good), and finally the Blue nail polish remover from etude.. =_= erm... I'm too lazy to stand up and grab the items I bought to check for the exact product names... (Lazy vacation mode) Grr... Ok fine: