Majolica Majorca's Puff de Cheek~

I actually bought these two last year, but I haven't been putting on the blush regularly since I still suck at putting on blush. When the MMJ attendant put the blush on my cheeks my friend and I were surprised on how pretty it looked on me.. but when I do it on myself.. meh... huhuhu

Puff de Cheek in Apricot Macaron


Super Cute earrings @?!

I bought some earrings during my lunch break at Terranova 2 weeks ago. They were on sale~! I really didn't want to buy anything but 4 pairs of super cute earrings at 145 Php, why not! It was such a deal...

I got all these for 290 Php~! 8 pairs!!!

I'm so happy about my !, @, and ? earrings... I want to wear all but I have super sensitive ears so I have to train my ears for a while..


Gold Nail art and some improvements...

I've been loving yellow and gold for the past few months. I feel like something in me is changing... I used to be someone who couldn't wear anything except dark colors and red. My wardrobe mainly consists of black and gray clothes and a few red or blue items. Until recently, I only had 1 yellow item in my closet which was a gift from my Aunt.

I noticed that I'm more adventurous with colors now, especially yellow and orange. I even bought a mustard cardigan and a REALLY bright yellow tunic and I've been wearing my yellow green smiley shirt a lot, which is the only 'green' item in my closet.

I think my color preference is showing on my nail art as well. I think it started when I saw some metallic gold and silver nail art pens at Watson's. I also wore the gold gradiation nails two weeks ago.

Anyway here's another gold nail art inspired by my Majolica Majorca pouch.

I used my Majolica pouch as the background haha!


Crazy about K-Fashion

Recently, I've been lurking about online Korean fashion shops for clothes and some shoes. I normally dress as simple/basic as possible, since I hate dislike being the center of attention. I get uneasy when I know people are watching me.

There's something really different about K-Fashion. their clothes are easier to relate to than Japanese fashion (at least for me). It's really interesting how the Japanese and the Koreans put so much thought in what they wear... No matter how much layers or how loose their clothes are, they still look sexy in the outfits. I wish I can be like that...

Anyway, My sister and I went to Greenhills to shop for cheap clothes (and to check out the Apple Peel for my iTouch). I wasn't able to buy my gadget, however I was able to buy a few items that you wouldn't normally see in my closet.


Dainty Nails and Japanese nail art

I got a little OC (obsessive compulsive) about my gradient nails so I removed them and cut my nails short again.

The Party Queen Gradiation polishes were a nightmare to remove it lasted me more than a week before I got tired/OC about my nails.

Etude announced that they have a Flaunt Your nails contest... I thought it was a nail art contest but contestants are only allowed to use 1 favorite nail polish from Etude, oh well. I lost interest because of that. Here's a link for the contest details if anyone's interested.

I did my nails anyway, despite the short stubby nails. I still used my etude polishes except for my top coat. I've discovered that they don't stain my nails as bad as the local brands. I don't even use a base coat for my etude polishes.

I used instagram to take this picture.. hehehe


Package Received: Lycee Eyedrops and Dolly Wink Eyeliner

Last week, when I cried out of frustration, like literally cried because I have an @#$@$ of a team lead who has a reading comprehension deficiency and practically FORCED me to follow his orders, just because he's the 'TEAM LEAD". I noticed that my gel liner was not tear/emo proof...

As much as I love my gel liner, for making it easy to apply my newly acquired skill of putting on eyeliner and tight lining... I had to look for an alternative. I heard that the Dolly Wink Eyeliner is the "Holy Grail" eyeliner for some of the bloggers I follow so I looked around and bought myself the black pencil eyeliner and the Rohto Lycee Eye drops for Contacts from Geisha's Secret.

The delivery was quick. I got my package 48 hours after I paid. I paid on a Sunday and got my package Tuesday morning. The seller was a no nonsense type of seller as well.


Etude Nail Polish Haul~!

Ok... The last time I wandered off to Megamall without a purpose I saw that they had new Nail polishes. =_= I bought all the new boxes of nail polishes except for 1 that was on display.

I bought the following:
Party Queen Gradation Nails #03 (348 Php or 8 USD)
Wanna Be Style Nails #1 (348 Php or 8 USD)
Wanna Be Style Nails #2 (348 Php or 8 USD)

The Silver Party girl Gradation kit was available but I thought it would look a little too boring... I only found out that there's also a pink version of the party girl kit... I want it!


Forgotten Etude Haul

I bought these last year. I was almost running out of my Happy Teatime cleanser (which I love to death) so I went over to etude to buy another tube. The peach one wasn't available so I bought the Lemon Tea cleanser. I also bought some of the products on my wish list like the Magic Bubble Peeling Mousse, the goodbye pore ever primer and the nail polish remover.

The wonder pore toner is a freebie~

I'm really disappointed about the Magic Bubble Peeling Mousse. I saw something similar at watsons for 1,500 Php (35 USD), and I thought I'd get the Etude version instead because it was cheaper. Supposedly, the product is for exfoliating, you put a certain amount on your skin, rub your skin a bit and you'll rub off bits of your dead skin... When I dispense some product, there's always some residue left on the nozzle... when you leave the bottle for a while, the left over mousse evaporates upward and gets stuck on the cap. When I tried to clean the bottle cap, the same bits, that was supposed to be the dead skin, came off the plastic bottle  cap.. :( (I think I should put a separate entry for this?).


Self Esteem

Just a random entry...

I can relate to this picture >_<

I think I'm doing it wrong. I don't want to be a girl who can go out of the house without make up on. I'm starting to feel like that.

EDIT: I don't want to be a girl who CAN'T go out of the house without make up on. >_< Waa.

Does it mean my self esteem is lower? Is my confidence dependent on make up?

This needs to change...


Photography: Sunsets

I think I'm getting better at taking sunset photos using my Satio (Camera Phone)... I wish I could bring my DSLR all the time to capture the great view out my office.

Everyday there's a great picture out our office windows... If it weren't too much of an effort to bring my camera everyday, I would.

Anyway here are some pictures I took while walking around with my officemate Lieo.


Super Duper Late post!

=_= Even though I'm 11 days late... Happy New Year! Hihihi! I've a big backlog of posts, I'm a bit lazy to organize all my photos but I'll edit them.. eventually.. Muwahahaha

Since I'm lazy... I'll settle for some of my instagram photos of something personal, My room.. ^__^

This is my favorite spot in my room (aside from my bed):