Work in Progress: Practicing Digital Art

I've been posting too much make up related entries lately so I wanted to do something artsy fartsy today. ^_^

I started another Digital Art drawing using SAI.

I posted this picture on my FB, hoping to find some one who could give me some tips... unfortunately it's not much of a hot topic like my finding-a-1k-bill-in-an-old-wallet-status. Oh yeah, I found a crispy 1k bill in an old wallet (made my day).

I'm still working on a front faced portrait.. I need A LOT of practice doing the eyes and the mouth and the hair... and other stuff... I'll try other stuff once I master this.

I can't believe that a make up workshop I attended this month helped me a bit. or should I say "Inspired" me to draw. Maybe I should've enrolled in a digital arts class instead of a make up class... However the workshop helped a lot.. I'm thinking of putting on some eyeshadow on my drawing.. It still looks a bit too boyish right now...

Who would've thought learning make up would help me improve my drawing skills?

I still have to... I'm still thinking about sharing my experience in the workshop... I have mixed feelings about it...

I'm completely distracted while writing... My thoughts are so disorganized that I'm jumping from one topic to another... Gotta sleep I have to wake up early to make my driving less life threatening...

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