Artsy Fartsy: More molds

Nothing went as planned today... I'm absolutely frustrated because my internet's super slow, I wanted to watch another episode of Ao no Exorcist but my net was crawling. I decided to prepare for my X-mas gifts this year but I ended up doing a few Sukerukun molds.

Ok, Ok... I made more than a few. I was bored and getting really impatient so I had to distract myself. I made 6 trips to the microwave for these molds!!! Grrrr...



Quoting my friend Madz for the title.

I decided to post some of my favorite pictures here on my blog to serve as something to work for.


Personality Development: Sports

Ever since I graduated, I started hating sports. I became sedentary and lazy to an extreme. I used to go Wall climbing and play tennis...

During high school and college, the varsity players were inviting me to join the club for tennis... but I think the only invited me because there aren't many tennis players here. A friend told me that if they were inviting me, I must be good at it.. I can't really say I was good though because I never competed.

Anyway, yesterday night I joined my friends' training for their favorite sport: Ultimate Frisbee. It was frustrating because the sport required more wrist action similar to badminton. However, I had fun... I pretended to be a ninja practicing shuriken throws. HAHA

Back hand shuriken throw~!

Forhand Shuriken Throooowww~!

I can't wait for the next time I play.


The Concert

My friends and I watched the BEP concert last night. Though I only have one song of theirs in my ipod, I know them and I don't really hate the music~

I was so excited about the concert I couldn't concentrate at work. I wanted to take some snapshots of the concert grounds but I couldn't get any good shots because I was only using my Satio.

It rained a few hours before the concert
 And then I got distracted...


Blue Dragonfly~

I saw a dragonfly today inside a salon, I thought it wasn't real and took a picture of it.. then it flew away~!

I wish I had my D60 with me to take a better shot...


Day 1: Etude's Dr. Lash Ampule Long and Volume

Update #1: the before pics.

Warning: View at your own risk...

I'm currently unable to take pictures in broad daylight because of work... T^T I had to make do with a 40v lamp shade and a DIY diffuser...

T^T I hate this shot but it's the only decent pic of my lashes.


Mini Etude Haul

Horaaaayyy for hauls!!! My officemates and I had some free time during lunch and we all decided to go malling.. I ended up buying 2 items and got something for free~! Yay freebies!

I bought 1 nail polish for P48 (a little over a dollar) and the Dr. Lash Ampule Long and Volume treatment for P998 (approx $23).


I am a Dreamer: I just had to share this.

Day 86 - Head in the Clouds
Originally uploaded by margolove

I love the writings on the picture... this picture made my day.

I am a ball of contradictions, I am reflected light, I am a dreamer, I am an escapist, I am easily hurt, I am frightened...


Ok, fine I recently blogged about posting nothing positive... I just realized that there are some positive things happening to my face at least...

I impulsively bought some make up and skin care products and I'm not sure which product was responsible for the changes I've been seeing.



I have nothing "positive" to blog about... My mind is blank and I haven't been able to try new things lately. Nothing really sparks my interest at the moment.

I've been battered with a lot of competitions and mind games from my ex... It's really taking it's toll. It seems like he has a delusional competition on who will be the first one to move on. I didn't want to compete. However, I have a message for him:

I'll accept your challenge only if you can make me admit defeat on the following:

1. Education
2. Family
3. Experience
4. Work/Money

I know you're young and you and your rebound prospects have the looks, I'll admit defeat in those areas even though I don't need to wear skimpy clothes or show skin to prove my self worth. But you know, looks can only go so far and with age, there is experience, wisdom and a future for myself with or without you. How about you finish school before you try to challenge me to a competition on life and how to live life.


Blog Title: Reflections of a Manic Dreamer

Time to say goodbye to my blog title, Sushi and Sashimi were the terms of endearment my ex and I had before we became an item. Seeing my blog title was like a stab-to-my-heart reminder that things have already ended.

SO!!! I decided to adapt my old multiply blog title "Reflections of a Manic Dreamer" Since my blog doesn't really have a niche like beauty bloggers or tech bloggers, the title still fits me.

Slightly dark, and idealistic.

It was fun reading my old posts... although my last few posts were mostly rants and emo stuff... I was a different person then...