Out of the Box

"Literally" out of the box.

Last night I was so frustrated. I couldn't find a perfect Nendoroid display case. I would've bought it from ebay if there were display cases available but they were our of stock. I remembered I was able to buy a make-shift display case in Daiso so I decided to pay Daiso near my place. I couldn't find the display cases I wanted from daiso but I was able to find super cute bottles for 88 PHP (approx. 2 USD).

Miku and Ui look so lost! Waaaa so cute~! Saber is trying to escape! Hahahaha~! The nendoroids with weird/cute faces would look perfect in the bottles... unfortunately Kirino looks out of place T^T

I only have 5 nendoroids in my collection so far but I don't think I'd buy more of these bottles if I had more nendoroids. I can't stack them because of the lids and the bottom. But hey, they look so cute!!! *Kirino Face*

Instagram shot~!
I didn't put my Nendo BRS in a jar because she won't fit when she's sitting on her gun..

Should I change her face to match the rest of the display?

However, she's still in her own little display case... I just hate the weird circle in the center... I also got the display case at Daiso. I can't recommend buying the display cases like what BRS is in because all their stocks have scratches... *sighs*

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