Positive Energy, Things That Make Me Happy

I stumbled upon a very inspiring blog (Color Me Katie) while I was on a break. I don't know how to describe how I am drawn in... she has something that I wish I had, her lifestyle, the choices she can make when it comes to decorating her room/house, the confidence she has to take random people "unknowingly" interacting with her street art. I wish I didn't care what people say, just like her.

As soon as you see Katie Sokoler's blog, ton's of fun, colors and positivity welcome you. This is why I will attempt to do a little "What Made Me Happy" series inspireby by Katie's posts. A dose of positive energy every now and then wouldn't hurt. Also, I get to be more confident in taking pictures since I would be posting more photos of things that make me happy :) I should definitely make this a new year's resolution.

Things that made me happy this week,

The mess I made during my art attacks... more like an art revolution on my table.

The moment they came out of the oven, literally.. :)

Pretty colors, new art materials and the possibility learning something new.

My organized chaos.

Friends who support my hobbies no matter what they are or how quick my hobbies change. :) And last but not the least, the faces of the people who saw my little handmade Christmas gifts. :)

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