[Personal] I had fun!

I know I was MIA for the past few weeks. I initially planned to keep my Christmas project secret until I give out my usual DIY gifts... unfortunately my Christmas Art Attack was big failure. =_= I tried making an army of Minions but it was too tedious to make...

I'm ending the year with this post, I hope I don't go full "emo" though hahaha because I went through several "goodbye's" this December... *sniffs*

Swim Class:

My Swim classes ended on the first week of December... My swim classes was one of the activities that kept me busy this year. It was one of the most fulfilling classes I enrolled in and I know that I didn't just halfheartedly attended my classes. I looked forward to every single session of the swim class and challenged myself to learn. It really felt good that I was able to achieve the goal I set for myself. I also loved that my coach was absolutely sure that I won't sink at the deepest part of the pool even if I tried, true enough, I couldn't reach the floor no matter how I tried. :)

I wish my office had a "Swim Club" that I could join. I want to swim!!


Monday Artwork: Apathy

Initially, I was planning on posting a step by step progress on one digital art project for my Monday Artworks. Unfortunately, I got carried away and it feels like cheating if I still posted my "progress" gradually even though I completed the artwork (with several versions as well).


[Personal] First Impressions and Unexpected Assurance

Out of all the book reports I did for school, Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice, was the only one I loved and enjoyed... Well, that and Og Mandino's The Gift of Acabar, which was my brother's book report =_= Side note: I just realized that I snatched books from my brother when we were young.. I even stole a book for his report. >_<

I chose the novel for my book report because of the title, "Pride" and "Prejudice" Since I studied in an exclusive school for girls and that school was plagued with "Prejudice" I thought the book would be perfect. I seem to have acquired that judgmental trait... I stayed away from a certain someone because I thought this person was bad news. I was wrong...


[Personal] Here Fishy Fishy Fishy~!

Seriously...I only have myself to blame for being this tired at work... I just finished working and it's effin' 1 AM. Why do I even try? Geez...

Well, I did step out for 3 hours for my swim class. If it weren't for my swim class, I would be feeling really bad... =_= Despite working until 1 AM, I think I was quite productive at work and during swim class. :)

I feel really happy about what the coach made me do, even though I was practically a zombie fish. 10 flutter kick laps, 10 freestyle laps, 10 whip kick laps and 10 Breast stroke laps... If this was a different sport, I would've died during the flutter kick laps. @_@ Being able to survive all those makes me curious if I could do something else or if my stamina increased in someway.


Monday Artwork: Think Happy Thoughts

I drew this in an attempt to cheer myself up... Unfinished doodle...