A beady day :)

After that stressful lunch, I lost interest in watching my K-dramas or my Anime series but I was really bored so I decided to practice my photography. I recently revived my ear piercings, thanks to my friend who gave me pearl earrings that magically rid me of my allergies. I couldn't wear any type of earring because my ears somehow became sensitive, even hypoallergenic earrings for babies would make my ears burn and itch. Can you imagine how happy I was when the pearl earrings didn't give me rashes on my ears? After several days of wearing the earrings I tried wearing some of the earrings I had since high school, and yes, I kept all my earrings even though they weren't valuable. Just like my mom who kept my first pair of earrings in her jewelry box, which was kept in a safety deposit box until the day she died ^__^

Oh no, I was emotionally side tracked hahaha, but it's such a touching thing for my mom to do, right? I'll post about it some other time ^__^

So before I get sidetracked again, here are some pictures I took, they aren't exactly what I wanted but the pictures at least made my day.

Well, I took some photos of other things as well, can you guess what these are? :)

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