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Happy Easter~!

I've been neglecting my blog again >_<  I've noticed that every time I'm on a shopping ban I tend to neglect my blog a bit.

Warning: This is a lengthy post... Lot's of stuff to talk about. Hauls, Workshops and financial problems.


Anyway, I decided to make my shopping habit my sacrifice for Lent. Unfortunately, I did cheat a bit but I didn't post it on my blog immediately because I was ashamed HAHAHA.. erm I mean Huhuhu...

Here's my cheat haul... Not so much.. The sales lady was in a really good mood so she gave me the freebie pillow even though my haul was below 2k.

 I bought a red orange lippy, the Be Clear Toner, the Milk talk strawberry body wash (I wanna drink this =_= smells so good), and finally the Blue nail polish remover from etude.. =_= erm... I'm too lazy to stand up and grab the items I bought to check for the exact product names... (Lazy vacation mode) Grr... Ok fine:

1. Be Clear Skin Toner
2. Look at My Lips #6
3. Fresh Nail Wash Safe 02
4. Milk Talk Body Wash Strawberry

The pink nail polish remover made me dizzy every time I clean my nails so I bought the blue one. Every time I drop by Etude House at Mega Mall there's a really pleasant smell somewhere at the back of the store I never really found out what it was until I got the chance to ask a sales lady.

Honestly, I hate  strongly dislike the Mega Mall branch. they play their music like there's no tomorrow. Just being in the store for a few minutes is so stressful and repulsive because of the blasting music. There were many times I had to shout at a sales lady to get her attention. I hope the management does something about it.

I usually buy at the department store near my office. Which is why I got a frilly pillow. It's the 'GWP' for EH at the department stores.

The Frilly pillow~!
However, it's absolutely dangerous traversing the many stalls of the department store. Temptation galore... I ended up buying another lip product from Revlon.

There was a promo at the department store at that time so I bought the Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick and the Nail Polish at an amazing deal. I got the Grand Garnet Lipstick even though I'm still a bit intimidated by the color. The nail polish is normally 200++ pesos but I got it for just 25++ pesos because of the promo. I was so happy because I LOVE the color (650 Saucy). It matches my all my gadgets!

For those who are curious, most of my gadgets are red. My laptop, my cellphone, my mouse and some other stuff are all red. If I had a choice, my car would've been red as well.. but my dad liked the orange one =_= Geek alert!


I was wondering if I should do a nail of the day thing on my blog, just to keep it going? I've been trying to limit my shopping rage lately since I've spent on a whole lot of stuff and I'm paying for my car...
I can't do it often though, my cuticles get dry every time I use my nail polish remover, any nail polish remover... I gets so dry and painful...

What's keeping me busy:

 Despite being so broke because of my car, I bought myself a birthday gift.. 2 birthday gifts.

First was a Basic Watercolor workshop facilitated by Valerie Chua. I didn't have second thoughts on signing up for the workshop, I've always been frustrated about watercolor and I adore Valerie Chua's art.

I messed up the first 2 panels...

The materials were provided for us

I didn't get to take pictures after this... I was having fun :)

It was totally worth it. I learned a lot. The workshop is one of the best birthday presents I got for myself.

Another fun thing about the workshop was... well.. I was probably the oldest student in class. I'm about 90% sure that I was. I just celebrated my 30th birthday 4 days prior to the workshop. I was worried that I wouldn't blend in but some students were surprised when I mentioned my age. Hahaha! I'm so glad I was able to blend in. I found most of the students interesting but I didn't try to mingle since I was trying to keep a low profile during class. I was a little shy about my age.

Sharing is caring: Here are some posts and pictures of the workshop:

Valerie Chua - The teacher
Abbey  -  Seatmate
Aleyn - Photographer

Here's another reason for my keeping a low profile during the workshop. I was stressed about my new phone. I bought it online and I was supposed to meet the contact at Shang after the workshop. The contact asked me if I could meet them at Glorietta instead. I said yes since it was just 2 rides from home. I didn't expect to be drenched in sweat after the workshop, I had to reschedule the meet up. Thankfully, they were going to mega mall few hours later.

The stress didn't end there. I was planning to walk from home to mega instead of bringing my car. It's a 20 minute walk which I always do when I got to Mega mall or Shang.

Unfortunately, It rained... and it poured. T^T I was drenched in sweat in the morning and dripping wet because of the rain in the afternoon =_= I took a bath 4 times on that day.

Anyway, I got myself a Sony Xperia S. I love it as much as my Sony Ericsson Satio phone. ^_^ Maybe a little more... I got to customize my live wallpaper! I was looking for a live wallpaper that was so-cute-it-makes-you-wanna-vomit-on-my-phone. I did't find any... So I made one using DIY Ownskin.

Idle mode: I made the avatar using the MakeMe app
 A friend said that the avatar is so much like my when I'm idle. hahaha

The avatar goes like this >_< when you tap on the screen
 The avatar makes another face when you drag icons around the screen... she goes like this O_O hahaha!
The back of the phone still has the SE logo.

Initially I thought I would enjoy driving.. =_= (end of story)

Just kidding, it's so stressful to drive =_= and my route to work is extra stressful. Buses at EDSA are so pushy... I can't understand why the Traffic enforcers don't mind them when they harass us and break traffic laws... like the bus in the picture... it swerved from the bus lane to the inner lane for private vehicles.. =_= I hate buses...

There were a lot of traffic enforcers around but nobody paid attention to the bus.

Notice the MMDA building at the left side?
Ops, I ended my post with something negative.. erm I'll just have to post something positive next time.

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