New Color Preference: Mermaid Colors

I was chatting with a friend about my recent color preferences and realized that I've been leaning towards the mermaid colors, or whatever you call it hahaha! My last color phase was pink, orange and corals... I was in denial about my love for pink during that time. =_=

Anyway, I suddenly wanted to draw something that had mermaid colors in it and well I did the obvious and drew a mermaid. =___=

It's still a work in progress but I'm absolutely happy about how it turned out.

I think I've improved a whole lot since drawing my last piece (Alice), from sketching, line art to painting and even shading ^__^ I think with Alice, I had a difficult time shading her hair because I didn't put enough details. This time I put more "layers" (I'm not talking about Sai or Photoshop layers, I meant hair style layers) in her hair.

I decided to set some mini goals while working on this Mermaid. A few items I want to try and some things I want to improve on:

1. "Outlineless" drawing. I want to try drawing without outlines, pure shading and highlights, if possible.
2. I want to improve on creating backgrounds for my artworks... I want it more simple.
3. Color combinations =___= I really need to improve on this. However I did notice that it's easier to work when I've prepared a color palette before drawing.
4. Proportions =_= Although I'm done with the sketch and the line art, I think I need to be a little more familiar with the human body.

As I type my self imposed drawing assignment, I keep on adding more in my mind... I'll stop at 4 mini goals for now... I might get overwhelmed if I add more.

I'm really excited about this piece, I hope I finish it soon but I wont rush it like I did with Alice.

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