Skin Food's Carrot Nail Balm plus 1 month shopping ban

I bought the Carrot Balm from Skin Food a few months ago because of a REALLY bad nail art job I got from a random salon. A few days after I got my nails done, my cuticles peeled like crazy. All my fingers had super dry cuticles that were peeling that no lotion or hand cream could do the trick. I even tried putting sunflower oil on my cuticles every now and then... to no avail...

I didn't take good photo's again :(

I took a chance at the Skin Food shop near my office and got my self the Carrot Nail Balm. I was amazed when I tried it on my cuticles. It worked on my dry cuticles. I used it around 2-3 days and the peeling stopped.

I can't really say I love/like this product... Yes, it works but if I wasn't desperate and in pain because of my hands, I wouldn't buy it because of the smell...

I'm not sure the tub I bought is supposed to smell the way it smells right now but the tester smelled the same evil way as the item I bought...

What does it smell like? I guess the best way to describe it, in my vernacular, would be "parang panis na laway sa unan ng kuya ko nung bata kame" or roughly translated as "like spoiled drool on my brother's pillow when we were young" =_= (Too much Info... I know... sorry... I even translated it).

I really hate the smell! I didn't want to use it today but I didn't want my money to go to waste if I didn't finish it all up =_=

While were at the "money" talk, my officemate dared me to do a 1 month shopping ban. So I will impose a shopping ban this month or probably as my alternate sacrifice for the Lenten Season. I currently have to be picky with my food lately. Each meal I have = hyper-acidity. I haven't had a check up because I am waiting for my dad to contact his doctor friend or give me the contact number of his friend...

=_= I suddenly feel restless, incoherent and irritable. Sleepy plus the foul smell of the nail balm on my fingers while typing this post... gotta sleep now.


  1. yikes, too bad this thing has an awful smell.. but on the plus side, at least no more peeling :)


  2. Yeah, at least no more peeling ^_^ I just need to mask it with something scented.