Getting By and Getting There

Last night, I had an epiphany, so to speak. While talking to a good friend (Hi Kem, I know you're embarrassed  about reading my oh-so-girly-blog), I realized that my image of myself changed.

I like how I look. I know it sounds conceited, but it's a drastic improvement from when I was still in a relationship. I loved him more than I loved myself, to the point of compromising on my own birthday just for him to do what he wanted.

I don't know what exactly changed me, fruits of my labor maybe? Though, I can't say I'm 100% recovered from the break up but I'm getting there. I do (and I won't deny) find myself somewhat nostalgic at times and I know it's wrong to repress my emotions, but that's how I cope. I'm only protecting myself, hoping that I'd be desensitized soon.

However, don't get me wrong, I'm definitely happy. I have good friends and I very well know who they are.


Saizen Haul: Part 2!

I made another trip to Saizen today! Dunno what triggered my wanderlust for the past few weeks... but this morning was quite a busy morning for me.

First, I had another haircut at my all time favorite salon, Tony and Jackey (Makati). I forgot my last stylist so I was assigned a new one, Candy... I love her as much as Ms. Hani! She FINALLY let me have the style I've always tried to get (Although I can't be sure if it looks exactly like it because they curled my hair after).

I always feel pretty after getting a cut at T&J

Preparing for Christmas

For the past few weeks I've been doing a lot of preparations for what to give my friends this Christmas. I have only done experiments using ADC but I decided to use ADC instead of polymer clay for this year. I'm just too lazy to bake.

Can you guess what these are? I won't tell~
I took a super low res photo on purpose... Wahahaha!

I've successfully mass produced some bases for my "gifts" I had fun taking them out of my DIY molds.

Compared to polymer clay, I had a majorly difficult time mixing paints to get the colors I needed. Mixing colors  seems to be my weakness =_=

I think the next problem I'd be facing would be painting some details on the bases I've made =_=


Emo Nail art

I went to a salon near my place to get my nails done. I've been eyeing the salon for quite some time because of they do nail art for 199 php.

I wanted Alice in Wonderland nails but the nail artist couldn't get what I was saying so I said "Parang baraha" (a deck of cards). The nail artist still couldn't understand... I even described the suites (Diamond, Club, Spade, Heart)... but to no avail... I just said just put hearts and diamonds on my nails and leave the middle finger blank with only one rhinestone on it.... (I still had to stop the nail artist.).

Here's what I settled for... a gothic, emo, uneven bubbly nail art covered with glitter polish to hide the bubbles... =_=

It still looks nice, though...

It was so frustrating that there was a time that I was the one holding the nail polish and putting it on my nails. Also, my first nail artist gave up on the design I wanted and asked another nail artist to take over.

I had my hands and feet done... and both polishes were bubbly... But I have to say, the polish lasted from last Saturday to Wednesday (until I got tired of it).

I'm still thinking whether I should attempt a better version of my Alice in Wonderland emo nails...


DFA experience: Rude Guards and the Dress Code

Update - Sept, 2013: Updating a 2 year old post because some people can't be as constructive as the comments below. :) :) :) :) (Sorry na lang, my blog, my space... If you need anger management, I can help you get professional help.)

Gist of the post:
MAJOR ISSUE: Rude guards
Minor issue/Room for improvement: The DFA website should have posted a reminder for people like me. They have a website, it's a powerful tool to get information across.
What I got out of my misadventure: I was able to buy one of my favorite pairs of canvas shoes! I don't use it every day because I don't want to wear it out... yes, I love it that much.


Daiso Haul and Xmas Gifts

I bought some stuff from Daiso in preparation for my Christmas Gift Project!

I ended up buying  2 pink contaniers, a set of individual containers with lids, a bunch of batteries, a 6 pc file set, a mini fan with spray and an accessorry stand... I think I'll give the accessory stand away to my sister or one of my nieces.

I bought a whole bunch of organizers. =_=

I still have no idea what to do about my Christmas Presents.. maybe mini pastries? =_=


Department Store Haul

Plus my first ever (self bought) eye shadow palette~!


Re-ment in the Philippines

I recently discovered that Re-ment was available in the Philippines and was available in a mall near my home! I was so excited about it I ended up buying some stuff.

The only thing I disliked is that they only have limited items... I wanted a dining set but they only had a dining set with Lilo and Stitch prints splattered all over. I wish they had the simple items. All the items had a character splattered on it... I would've bought the Alice in wonderland items but I couldn't afford at that time so I chose the Mickey Showcase. It's simple enough for me. I would've bought the Rilakkuma Dining set but they didn't have it...


Photography: More Macro

Sorry for being boring, I just took a lot of experiments with my cam lately. Here's my third attempt using a reverse ring. This time I did it at night. My light source was a desk lamp with a 40 watt bulb and a mirror.

I used a syringe for this.

I'm not really satisfied with this yet... I wanna get closer shots.

I hope no one gets bored with my random posts.


Photography: Fill the Frame

I've been practicing my photography quite a lot lately.. I dunno why, but at least I'm doing something productive.

Since my night photography was an  utter mess. I'm sharing an attempt on a composition technique by filling the frame of the picture.


Photography: Reverse Ring Experiment (Part 2)

I think/feel like I'm getting better at macro photography, I desperately need a tripod though... However, I think I need to practice on other areas like landscapes, portraits... =_=... I also tried doing the water drop thing but I wasn't successful.

This isn't my first time using the reverse ring, I tried once during summer but I didn't get to explore too much. This is my second time experimenting with the ring. Unfortunately, the sun didn't really cooperate so I only have a few good shots.

Anyway, since I had a rough day,I'm sharing a few of my lucky shots to lighten my mood a bit.

A morning glory~!


Angry birds Nail art

I recently discovered an amazing nail artist on youtube (cutepolish). I want to try almost all her designs. However today, I was possessed by some spirit and decided to try the angry birds nail art =_= I don't even play the game.

Here's the tutorial:

I was seriously giggling and everything while doing this. It was really fun.I would've done the piggies but I don't have green polish... but I can probably mix some acrylics.. (I should've thought of that first).


I feel like a different person already!

This week was devoted to sports~! I did wall climbing this Monday and Ultimate frisbee Wednesday night!

Wall climbing, I used to love wall climbing when I was in college. However, when Orson died I was afraid to go wall climbing again. Even though his death was not related to climbing, I just couldn't... He used to be a good friend and the varsity team captain for our university...

For my first climb, I started to panic halfway to the top... everything in me started to shake. My friend was wondering what happened to the oh-so-fearless-Ekai who would go scuba diving (with sharks.. and I have a certificate to prove it!) or surfing even if she didn't know how to swim. I was determined to overcome it but I only got to 2/3 of the wall. I tried 3 times... my arms were already shaking and I didn't want to push myself too much. So I gave up.. (For this week). I'll dedicate my first successful climb to Orson.

I think that was the main reason for my MAJOR mood swing afterwards... I knew I can do it but I just couldn't. And the lack of sleep...