What Kept Me Busy for the Past Few Days

At last I completed my biggest drawing project ever, at least for me. It took me several days to finish this >_< I'm not that good at putting backgrounds behind my drawings so I kinda struggled. I also had to redo the inking and coloring and everything else =_= huhuhuhu.

I've been thinking whether I should enter this in a certain digital art contest. Well it's not some high profile contest though but I'm worried that my art would be a dead giveaway that I made it, I think we're supposed to keep quiet about our works until someone wins. I'm still contemplating whether to enter. Well, tomorrow's the deadline for the entries so I still have a few hours to think.

Until I decide to join, I'll just post a portion of my work =_= (If I don't join tom, I'll post the full picutre).

I added a filter since I felt that the original picture was lacking something... I'm not sure what looked better.

With an antique-ish filter

Not much to see, but how is it?

I really worked hard finishing this, I think I did improve on a lot of stuff like shading and inking/line art. I spent so much time working on this and I still feel like the original picture is still incomplete. I had to switch from Paint tool Sai and Photoshop every now and then huhuhu It made the .sai file massive =_= need to work on sketching and choice of colors.

Whether I join or not, this was a fulfilling project ^_^

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