Forgotten Etude Haul

I bought these last year. I was almost running out of my Happy Teatime cleanser (which I love to death) so I went over to etude to buy another tube. The peach one wasn't available so I bought the Lemon Tea cleanser. I also bought some of the products on my wish list like the Magic Bubble Peeling Mousse, the goodbye pore ever primer and the nail polish remover.

The wonder pore toner is a freebie~

I'm really disappointed about the Magic Bubble Peeling Mousse. I saw something similar at watsons for 1,500 Php (35 USD), and I thought I'd get the Etude version instead because it was cheaper. Supposedly, the product is for exfoliating, you put a certain amount on your skin, rub your skin a bit and you'll rub off bits of your dead skin... When I dispense some product, there's always some residue left on the nozzle... when you leave the bottle for a while, the left over mousse evaporates upward and gets stuck on the cap. When I tried to clean the bottle cap, the same bits, that was supposed to be the dead skin, came off the plastic bottle  cap.. :( (I think I should put a separate entry for this?).

Anyway, I bought the nail polish remover because my current nail polish remover is so drying that my the skin near my cuticles started to peel off. It was so painful I couldn't was my hands without cringing. So I donated my huge bottle of Nail polish remover to my sister and bought the etude one~

I've read some good reviews about the goodbye pore ever primer. I got curious and bought one~! I love using it all over my face even though it's for the nose and cheek area... I wear it underneath my MMJ Skin Lingerie Pore cover, overkill huh? Well it works for my dry/combination skin. I can survive the whole day without blotting ^_^

Other stuff I bought on the day I bought my Happy Tea time cleanser. An Ellana kabuki brush and 1 gram of the Loose Mineral Finishing Powder in Espresso Con Panna.

I bought the loose powder because I don't have any powder.. well I have my Mineral powder foundation from Maybelline but I think its different, right? (Hehehe I'm honestly not sure). The sales lady from Ellana was also kind enough to tell me how to check if I had a warm or cool undertone ^_^ I'm warm~ haha

I don't use the powder that often though, my face looked a little pink when I tried using it... Does mineral powder oxidize? Anyway, it didn't look right.. but I'm still gonna try to make it work.

=_= On a different month, I went on a quest to buy the hair color from etude but I backed out because I wasn't brave enough~ So I ended up with my Peach Cleanser (YAY!!), the Silk Scarf shampoo and conditioner (which works like magic on my hair), and some nail polish sets.

The moistful set is another freebie~! LOVE~!

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