Dainty Photo Dump

Such a waste not to post. I edited these pictures for this post but decided not to include them. Since I felt like practicing my editing skills =_= I tried to make them more presentable at least. 

Handmade earrings, dunno what stone though


Monday Artwork: Parted Lips

In traditional pen and paper, I absolutely suck at drawing lips. Even if I'm just doodling my chibi characters. However when I started playing around with SAI, drawing lips is one of the fastest features I can finish and the nose being the 2nd fastest feature I can finish. I WAS supposed to do a walk-through on how I draw the lips on SAI but I got carried away and stopped taking screenshots. =_=;


Monday Artwork: Messy Hair WIP

I suck at drawing hair

I still hate doing hair on my digital artworks! I tried to check if I improved after weeks of practicing on pen and paper. Huhuhu.. I don't think I improved drastically but I think my realism practice helped me draw better eyes... unfortunately, I didn't get the effect I wanted. I probably need to lighten the "eye make-up" a bit to match the contrast of the whole image =_=


Monday Artwork: My Realism Attempt on Sai

Creepy Eye~

Since I usually draw anime/manga inspired art, I thought I should practice a traditional style once in a while. Although realism is not my forte, it's good practice for shading my art works.


Wednesday's Color is Blue

Okay, cheesy blog title... Sorry. I was trying to think of a good blog title so I checked what blue meant. Apparently it's the color choice of  conservative people, specifically dark blue and it's the color of Wednesday. ^__^

Here's another attempt at making a collage... It still looks dull and lifeless to me rather than the light and airy look I was going for.

Chaotic collage


Monday Artwork: Bakabuta?

=_= I see harsh edges... argh...
Could this little piggy pass of as my own "Bakabuta" mascot? Meh The nameless pig looks more like a "baka buta" that this naked pig... =_=