Mokona polymer clay charm!

First time I saw this I said "Why didn't I think of this!!?"

Thanks to this Site for the wonderful tutorial:

Quick Update: Aspirin Mask Vs Milia

So I've used the aspirin mask 3 times since last week. I used it on Friday, Saturday, Tuesday. I'm trying not to use the mask too often.

Good stuff

My face seemed to have lightened a bit and my freckles seem to change from a map of freckles on my face to some splotches. Although I'm not sure if it was the aspirin mask that helped or my new Garnier Light Foaming Wash (which I bought at the same time I bought the ingredients of my aspirin mask).

As for my milia, it looks dry. I think the milia seeds are starting to poke out and some milia turned into pimples, too. Hopefully, they're ready to come out! Exfoliation here I come!

On the other hand, I said in my last post that my Milia looked flatter...(Previous post) Unfortunately, on the days I didn't apply the mask, my milia reverted to how it usually looks but I'm still optimistic about it and I'll give it more time because I love how smooth my face feels.

And oh.. I've been breaking out like hell.. not sure if it's the mask or my new facial wash... I'll post more updates.


Homemade pore strips

I think since the homemade aspirin mask experiment, I've been converted into a DIY beauty product advocate... I LOVED the aspirin mask.. and I've only tried it 2-3 times!

I've watched other videos about DIY pore strips. Some used Elmer's Glue which I will not consider trying and there's Michelle Phan's Homemade Pore strips which I will try! In addition, I think I want to try the Egg whites and paper towel pore strips... but I might just waste the egg :(

Hmmm... On the other hand, some people say that the home made pore strips are not working for them... I need to do more research!


Aspirin Mask and Milia

This month I was actively looking for a cure for my milia (I had a post about this before: link). I had a facial at VMV Hypoallergenics around 3 weeks ago and the girl who was taking care of me said that it would cost around 1,500 PHP ($32) to remove ONE bump... just ONE bump!!! (I'll never go back to that place again.. over priced services.. hmph!).

While I was reading about other people's experiences with milia, I wondered if a diamond peel could help. Some people said it did and one person said an Aspirin mask could help.

So, I was distracted from my search for a cure for my milia and spent the rest of my free time reading about Aspirin masks.

There was so many positive feedback about it so I bought myself a bottle of generic aspirin for 70 php ($ 1.50) for 100 tablets. As soon as I got home, I tested it on my skin. No allergies!!! I tried the aspirin mask on my face the following day and the day after (Friday and Saturday).

Results from other people and some comments from me ( used the mask only 2 times)

- dries out acne (I think it did but my pimples heal fast)
-reduces redness (Can't really say at the moment)
-reduces size of pimples (Can't really say)
-shrinks pores (It did! I have smaller pores)
-Easy to make (Yes!)
-Inexpensive (I think the honey I used it more expensive than the aspirin itself)
-Makes skin smooth as a baby's bottom (100% YES, No exaggeration when they said "baby's bottom")
-exfoliates well (Yes!)

-messy (If you mix it with honey it's not so messy)
-irritates skin at first (It didn't irritate my skin.. probably depends on your skin type)
-difficult to spread (I liked spreading the mask on my face)
-makes you sneeze (I didn't really sneeze)
-time consuming (Not really... I put one on before my date with my boyfriend)
- can be quite drying (yes to this one, BUT there's moisturizers~!)

Here's the mixtures I tried with my aspirin:
1. Aspirin and water (skin test)
2. Aspirin, water and a few drops of tea tree oil
3. Aspirin, water and honey

The best mixture is the third because it smelled yummy~! All three gave the same effect "Smooth as a baby's bottom" and the mixture with the tea tree oil made my face tingly.

The best benefit I got from this was:

It made my milia look flatter! Although I'm not sure if this is a good thing... right now, any change is a good change!

By the way, my usual skin care routine is just a facial wash from Garnier and the Yellow moisturizer from Garnier which I'm not really religious about.


Trauma: Joe's Appartment

Last week, Thursday evening, around 9 PM, I noticed that there were weird scratchy sounds coming from my windows. Something was crawling on my screen... I thought it was a rat and I didn't mind it because rats can be easily caught using fly paper and a drop of honey as bait... :(

Unfortunately (*sob*), it was not a rat.. it was actually a swarm of cockroaches! HUHUHUHU!!! I'm not really afraid of cockroaches (well, after this I AM!), I'm just disgusted by them. The swarm was coming from a hole in my window.. T_T

My dad forgot to move his compost whatever for his plants at the back of our house.. and that attracted the cockroaches to our back yard then to my grandmother's room and my room. My dad was in Saigon and there was no reliable person at home... >: (

I was so helpless against a swarm of flying ipis (cockroaches). I just cried until my boyfriend came to my rescue...

(Tagged this with the "Evil Step Mother" label because the swarm was probably looking for her).


Migraine: Day 5

Just when I thought I discovered the cause of my migraines, it hit me for 5 days...

I'm so frustrated...

Not only do I have a major migraine, I also have a bad case of LBM, menstrual cramps, and back aches that never go away... I've tried Mefanamic Acid, Ibuprofen, Paracetamols, Acetaminophens... or whatever combination of over the counter pain killers, local or imported... and nothing works.

I have an interview tonight at 6 pm with a potential project and my niece's debut at 7 pm... I'm so helpless.. I wanted to go to my niece's debut.. I've been preparing since last week... I took my lola's vintage looking dress from my closet a few days ago.. I bought fake eyelashes as well.. I wanted to be pretty today...

been crying since last night...


Thank You


Polymer Clay Product Catalog

I was finally able to make my product catalog!

Page 1:

Page 2:

It looks pretty~ but I just realized.... T_T I didn't leave any space to write the prices T_T

September Wallpaper.

Ever since I tendered my resignation, I haven't been given much to do at work. "Just try to look busy" as per my team lead. So, I decided to change my Lineage 2 wall paper for a calendar wall paper from Smashing Magazine

Here's the wall paper i got:

Hahaha Domo is so cute!!!! I edited it a bit

What are you looking at?! HAHAHAHAHA he's mad at the wandering eyes of people who pass by~
(I aslo marked my last day but my last day was moved to tomorrow~!)


Faux Pearl Tutorial

I found this greate Faux Pearl tutorial using polymer clay!

Faux Pearls!


Bad manners

Why on earth do you have to suck LOUDLY on your braces every minute? It's disgusting!


I have only 4 more days til I leave my current company.

I don't understand how this company sucked the life out of my savings when in my previous company, I could afford to eat out every day or have a cup of coffee from starbucks every day. My salary here is a lot higher than before but I feel poorer. Only here in this company did I feel like I couldn't afford anything...

4 more days...


Quick post: National Issues (in Tagalog)

Will post in my language because I'll be venting about racist comments about my people...

Here goes:

Puro galit na lang pinapairal nila, so tama na pag papakumbaba at pag hingi ng tawad. Nag sorry na ang presidente natin, tama na un. At least nga nag sorry pa eh. Pabayaan na lang natin sila dahil gusto nila manatiling galit.

Galit sa mundo. Tandaan nyo, pinoy nga ang naka sakit sa inyo, pero pinoy din ang lumigtas sa inyo.

Kung ang mga pinoy na lungkot at madaming namatay, sila pinili nilang magalit sa atin at ibaling ang matinding galit nila sa mga pinoy na naka tira sa bansa nila.

Ayoko na..

English mode again...

Here's what it looks to some people:

Because of one hostage taker, everyone in my country is seen as a criminal by their country.

Too much hate.


Shady Globe CSR Responses (Fair Use Policy)

I think they also don't know what to say about the issue... and it makes it even more annoying:

Hi Angelo,

Maraming salamat po sa inyong komento. Nais po naming ipaalam sa inyo na ang Fair Use Policy ay System generated lang po. Ang system po ang nag-aactivate sa inyong SIM card nag mag-avail ng mga promo ng Globe. Maaari naman po kayong mag-register pagkatapos po 30 calendar days.

Sana po ay nakatulong po ito sa inyo. 
 System Generated only..

To Mr. Jack:

Good day.

We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences this may have caused you.

Please be informed that National Telecommunications Commission is also the other party which implemented this rule to protect and prevent our subscribers from using the service in an abusive way. It is then by using the promos in group messages and for campaign purposes and so on.

Again, our apologies for this.


Globe Customer Service 

"National Telecommunications Commission is also the other party which implemented this rule..." Pointing fingers...

Good day. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.
The fair use policy states that call and text offers are applicable for person to person transactions only. They are not intended and should not be used for commercial purposes. Call and text offers must not be abused by the subscribers (i.e. subscribers must not make an unreasonable number of calls or make unreasonably prolonged calls).
Globe has decided to tighten the control measures on text spam to protect our valued subscribers from unsolicited SMS broadcasts. Rest assured that we are always looking for ways to serve our subscribers better.
Hope this information helps you with regards to your concern.
"Commercial Purposes..."  If they had proof that my calls were for commercial purposes, it would've been ok
Unsolicited SMS broadcasts... " Again... no proof that my text were unsolicited spam
"subscribers must not make an unreasonable number of calls or make unreasonably prolonged calls...
"valued subscribers..."  Aren't we ALSO considered as valued paying subscribers?

Sorry ,Ma’am/Sir, we have disallowed you from availing our Voice Unli promos due to Fair Use policy. NTC rules that promos are subjected to Globe’s Fair Use Policy. Globe Telecom reserves the right to terminate/suspend promo subscription/s that violates this policy. This policy prevents network abuse, allows us to fully optimize network capacity and maintain quality of its services for subscribers.

Best Regards,

Globe Customer Service 
 "Reserves the right to terminate/suspend..." Don't we also have the right to use and maximize the use of what we were paying for?
 "This policy prevents network abuse, allows us to fully optimize network capacity and maintain quality of its services for subscribers..." This is like telling us to stop using the promo and let other customers who are MORE IMPORTANT to Globe.

They implement the wrong policy.. and they're also saying the wrong things...

Update: Globe replied to my post yesterday...

Here's what I said:

Whoever implemented this policy should know that it wasn't well thought of and even an elementary student can think of it. (Parang nag submit lang kyo ng draft)

How can you say that the company has the "Right" to ban a person without proof that they were spamming or abusing... Obviously, those who are complaining are not the "evil spamming politicians" Globe was trying to protect their "Valued subscribers" from. and apparently, us who have been blocked from any promo are apparently NOT the "Valued customers" they are pertaining to.

Here's the reply:

sir bakabuta,

we only block the numbers that has numerous complaint of spamming from other subscribers. 

Here's what I said back:

Then that's is quite odd, since my number and my boyfriend's number were blocked. Even though we only use our globe sim cards to call each other. So how can there be "numerous complaints" from "Other subscribers" about our numbers?

I hope you fully understand that I have been even more agitated by your response. Since, the policy that Globe has implemented can also be abused by people who accuse other numbers of spamming. Globe will, without notice, block anyone who was tagged as a spammer without even verifiying if the said complaints were true or not.