A Rant Against Spam

When I started my blog here at Blogger.com, I never really intended to earn money from it although honestly, it would be a plus for me if it did. I don't mind if my blog doesn't attract readers since this is a personal blog and not a niche blog.

Every thing I blog about is personal and random. I don't write any product reviews like the beauty bloggers do because I am not confident in doing reviews. I may have voiced out my opinions on some purchases I had but I wouldn't consider them as reviews, just random thoughts. I could do some reviews, but at the moment, I don't feel like I am in the right position to write reviews. So I'll just leave it to our beauty bloggers or tech bloggers.

With that said, even if I hardly have any followers, I will not advertise or allow any ads on my blog that I cannot relate to. Call it snobbish or what, but does it even make sense?

If I can never try the product out or I can never go to the shop they are promoting, I will not vouch for it.

Why waste your effort on a blog like mine? Why is there a need to impose the ads on my blog? Why the spam? It really doesn't make sense to spam on a very unknown blog like mine. Maybe when my blog traffic improves, it would be understandable to get the spam. 

I'm posting this entry even though it might be a turnoff to potential ads but like I said, this is a personal blog and not even a traffic generating blog. I won't lie and say that I don't want any income generating ads or special privileges those popular bloggers get but I know why I don't get those event invites or ad requests. I haven't been putting any effort on the visibility of my oh-so-humble-blog. I don't even have a visitor/hit counter on my blog because I don't need it yet.

I also won't lie about getting a sense of fulfillment when I get a comment from my followers and if I see that a a few people find my post interesting. I may decide about a niche in the future and start posting well composed entries without the sloppy pictures and better grammar but right now, I'm happy with my informal/personal posts.

See this? I'm ranked 24,868,551 globally.

I'm a nobody! HUHUHUHU!

If you want me to advertise for you, ask me politely... Don't spam in my comments.

Spare my blog from spam, please? (Or at least wait until I get more traffic.. HAR HAR HAR)

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