New Hobby: Needle Tatting?

Yes... I picked up a new craft. It's called needle tatting. I did mention about this 2 years ago in a hobby related post. I finally got the right needles for it. I bought my needle set on ebay.

What made me pursue the new hobby?

I saw some jewelry posts from a blog I follow. I liked her purchases from that online store. I browsed through the seller and rather than being interested in the accessories being sold... I was more intrigued by how the accessories were made. I knew it was needle tatting... erm but I'm not 100% sure about it.

I think it's the same for my other hobbies. I'm more interested in how they were made instead of the accessory itself. I hardly wear any accessories. I don't wear watches, bracelets, earrings.. necklaces and so on. My ears are sensitive even to hypo-allergenic earrings T^T

Anyway, I received my needle set today and I almost immediately attempted (Immediately after work =_= geez..) the basic stitches. It takes a while to get used to. Crochet is a little more natural for me to do. The finger work for needle tatting is a lot different from crochet. The needle moves for crochet and for needle tatting, you loop the thread around the needle. It's difficult to describe... well the hand movements for needle tatting is very similar to knitting. Oh!! It's similar to casting on with one needle!

Here's failed attempt #6 and a finish product.

I have a really wasteful habit when practicing my needle crafts... when I make a mistake I snip off the mess and start over. =_= I am wasting thread... However I had most of my thread since highschool o_O more 12 years!! Ack... Side effect of constant hobby changing..

New Earrings!
Needle tatting is surprisingly easy! It took me less than 15 minutes to complete my second earring.The earring on the right side was my first finished product.. the stitches aren't as consistent as the earring on the left. But~ I'm really happy I learned how to do needle tatting!

I gotta find me some patterns for a small ring or bracelete!

I have new earrings~ now, time to search for a solution for sensitive ears... =_=

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