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So I decided to post a random entry.. (long post)

2012 has been eventful so far, happy but confusing at the same time. I've been going through some life events for the past few months, mostly happy moments.


My dad has been teaching me how to drive, and 2 weeks ago I started driving alone to work. I go to the office 3 times a week and work from home for 2 days... I have been driving alone for around 8 days now. 6 days driving to work,1 day going to the grocery and the other driving to Makati for my haircut...

For the 8 days of driving alone, I think I've been able to experience a lot of normal driving situations like driving  in heavy traffic in the highway, driving at night... driving in the rain during heavy traffic, driving in the rain during heavy traffic at night... I hate night driving. I hate the rain. I like traffic because I don't have to drive fast but I hate going home late...

I also had my first passenger (other than my dad) last Friday... I was so stressed about it, but my passenger was talkative enough that I forgot about being stressed and having hyper acidity that night.

Workshop (vain stuff...):

I didn't really want to post about the Make-up workshop I attended since I had mixed feelings about it. Last October, I decided to buy a voucher for a Make up workshop for November. I was excited about it since I've read positive reviews about it on a blog I follow.

Unfortunately, there were misunderstandings regarding the schedule of the workshop and I was not informed that the November schedules were canceled and my voucher was left unused and expired. I called and inquired about the workshop and the training services told me they would text me about the new schedules but they didn't.

I had to call several times to settle things and since my voucher was already expired they informed me that they can't refund me but they are "Allowing" me to join in the next batch even though it was a mistake on their part (for saying that they will text me but never did...) their choice of words were absolutely disappointing. If it was a mistake on my part, like if I didn't call at all and left the voucher unused... I would have been thankful that they were "Allowing" me to join...

I worked for a year in a vocational school as faculty and as a training admin and sometimes helped with the front desk dealing with potential students... I think I have an idea about how to be careful about the words you use...

I wanted to let my niece attend the workshop instead... but since I've already been disappointed by the training center, I can't trust them to take care of my beloved niece. So... I attended the workshop.

I can't deny that I was still hoping to learn a lot despite how the training services handled the misunderstandings... It would be unfair (for our teacher) to say that I didn't learn a thing... I did learn... but I can't say that I'm satisfied... The teacher was really nice and patient towards me, the clueless one... I still need to practice putting on make up...

Love life(?):

I'm confused... I think "Love life" isn't appropriate... I don't want to admit anything yet... but I've already lost my precious sleep because of this... I think I've been traumatized by my last relationship that the thought of being attracted to someone is so frightening that I can't sleep.

I guess I'm not ready yet. I don't want to be attracted to someone I hardly talk to.

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