Kirino Kousaka Acquired!

I was finally able to get my hands on her, thank you tiniks!!!

*She's here!!!!*

Weeee~! I tried not to open the box at work... but I couldn't help it!

Look at all those parts~ <3

 I tried to put her on display at my workstation but I was scared someone would take her

I call this her "Kilig" face (giddy)

Need to let everyone know I got her!


Done texting! She's not an exact copy of how she looks in the anime.. see below:

But look! Kyaaa~!

Edit.. Additional info:
Nendoroid Kirino Kousaka is from the anime series Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai.

She is the younger of two siblings of the Kousaka family, and is the overachiever of the two. However, she keeps a secret to her family - that she is an avid otaku and a fan of adult-rated games, especially those involving brother-sister dynamics.

Here are some random pix I wanted to share:

Beef Cube Bento from Choto Stop (Little Tokyo)

The weird polluted sky..



It's summer and I fear the day I have to wear a swimsuit... I can't say I hate myself at the moment... I just hate a whole lot of stuff about myself right now... what I can say for sure is that I hate the feeling of being insecure. So, I really have to do something about it before I self-destruct again... I'll take a geeky approach in solving my insecurities with a for 4 step process to solving problems.

*GEEK!* <-- I know.  >_< But what ever helps, right?

I. UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM - Here I will list all the things I am insecure about myself... I should probably add why I'm insecure about it. In order of stressfulnes!

- Milia - I can't wear foundation because of this!!!!
- Body size - I think I over-did my new year's resolution to become healthy
Lack of Girly Clothes - I think I ran out of pretty clothes... I wanna look pretty for my BF
Money - Need I say more?
- Freckles - I think everyone wants super clear skin...
Skin color - As much as I want super fair skin... I also like being morena.. so I'm settling for having any as long as I have an even skin tone. (MorenaA spanish word used to describe Latinas who are tanned/dark).
- Dry Skin - My dry skin is making me look old and stressed

II. DEVISING A PLAN - My strategy is to prioritize all my insecurities on how easy it is to deal with or if I really have to take action...
- Body size - This will take a lot of effort but I know I can do this by removing all my binge sessions (probably a little exercise but I can promise it)
 - Money - This actually contradicts my effort to remove all insecurities I have... BUT the obvious solution to this is budgeting... this can come hand in hand with my effort to improve my body size...
- Skin Color - I'm planning to buy Gluthatione pills today.. all I have to do is overcome my laziness and be religious about taking the pills
- Freckles - I've already been trying to remove them.. I think I just need to be more religious about it.
- Dry skin - I really don't know what to do about this, but most people around me says I just have to drink more water and of course put on some lotion. This could be easier than the next insecurities I have since I think I grew fond of using lotions... I'm just lazy.
- Lack of Girly Clothes - MONEY is the answer.. and a little style advice from people.. this is super difficult because I am trying to save up.
- Milia - Because I don't have money and I need to go to a dermatologist to rid me of my milia.. I'm having a difficult time with this... I tried almost everything I can to get rid of my milia... Dermatologists can cost a fortune... /sob

Should not be lazy!!! (Enough said)  *sob*

Should I post before and after pix for each and every.... O_O!!!  Probably not for the money problems =_=


K-Drama mode... (Eye Candy)

I've been taking a break from hard core gaming since the start of 2011, I've been busy watching Anime and a lot of random Korean dramas. So far my favorites are Dream High and Cinderella's Sister. I want to watch Jungle Fish but I'm too lazy to look for it... I just like one character's hair in the series.

101209 Jungle Fish Ep 5 (Jiyeon, Hyoyoung)
My hair style is similar to this except for the bangs..


Source: Google

Oh wait.. NOOOOO!!!

Source: Google


Abort Mission!

I was supposed to take pictures of Ui Hirasawa today, so I started cleaning my room... However, I got carried away cleaning and went full force on just cleaning. I wanted to clear up one shelf for my future nendoroid collection but something painful happened...

I stubbed my foot and a piece of my toe nail came off

My dad put the bandages on my foot.. =_= doesn't really look like the work of a doctor. He admitted that he never had any practice putting on bandages hahaha! I was a really careful kid when I was young.

I couldn't help doodling on it (digitally). My dad accidentally made the bandages look like a piggy~

=_= I wonder how long my nails would grow back...

hmmm.. At least, my stubbed toe helped me get through watching black swan...


Kim Soo Hyun - Dream High

Ok. I admit, I'm a total sucker for korean dramas and I was busy watching Dream High all week... ^__^ major Eye Candy... I love all the characters! Unfortunately, the drama ended~ I wasn't sure which eye candy I liked but I thought Kim Soo Hyun slightly resembled my bf (hey... if my bf didn't really resemble him.. 'Love is blind').

source: Google Search
Well, the last episode wasn't really my fave episode but there was a scene that made my super giddy~

KYAAAA~!!!! *faints*

Personal Nendoroid Checklist

Since I had nothing better to do in the office, I created a personal nendoroid checklist in an excel workbook. It's easier for me to maintain. If I change my mind, I can easily change my checklist!

Here's the unfilled version (click to enlarge)

Here's the filled up one as of March 2011 (click to enlarge)

I only have 3 nendoroids and I want a whole lot...
Credits: List and Pictures came from http://www.nendoroid.fr/liste-fiches.html

Download here


Shopping ban temporarily lifted = Ui Hirasawa

When my boyfriend saw Melissa Seraphy's Devil version, he said I can buy her, BUT I decided not to.. Since her face plates are exclusive only to her and her other version.

SO... I bought the first nendoroid I saw that was on my wishlist~ and I saw Ui! Well, I almost bought the Black Rock Shooter nendo.. If I knew you could remove both her flames, I would've bought her first.. but Ui is still 2nd on my list!

I tried to take some pictures at least of all parts and accessories included in the box~

Nendoroid 135: Ui Hirasawa

Nendoroid 135: Ui Hirasawa

Nendoroid 135: Ui Hirasawa

Nendoroid 135: Ui Hirasawa

Nendoroid 135: Ui Hirasawa