Personal: Mother's Day

Last sunday, my sister and I went to the salon to get our hair done. My sister wanted a change in her hair cut and I wanted my hair dyed black. Since my sister knew the owners of the salon we went to, she chatted with them first and made me get my hair color first.

When my sisters haircut was done... I was really surprised and speechless, she looked so much like our mom. She told me she was thinking about getting the same hair our mom had before she died. Our mom died in 1986, with super short curly hair. I think that was the fad at that time, I wouldn't really know I was only 4 at that time. BUT..  I remember my mom being the trendy mother during family gatherings ^_^ My sister's the same.

My sister told me when she was visiting my aunts in LA, she playfully wore a wig that looked like my mom's hair do, 2 of my aunts were brought to tears because my sister looked like her. My aunts are so cute :) I guess seeing  my sister looking like my mom is a Mother's day reminder for me.. hehe

Ma, if you can read this, We're okay ^_^ S, is doing a great job being a sister and a mom to me ^_^ we won't bully papsie that much. ^__^

Happy Mother's day!

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