Christmas Gift Plans~

It's almost Christmas and since I promised my boyfriend that I won't spend too much on gifts, "we" decided to make the gifts instead... I still don't know how many people I'll be giving gifts to, but I think I'll have fun and making a lot will serve as "practice" for me ^_^

Here are some ideas I saw from great people~!

1. "Little Christmas Lamb" ornament

2 . Polymer Clay - Strawberry Necklace - DIY Craft Project Instructions


3. Aaron Vail's Blog!: Mario Mushroom Christmas Tree Ornaments

4. Stacy Sews | Diary of a Fabric Junkie

5. Christmas Cakes

 Other ideas:

1. xmas cupcakes with a poinsettia leaf... (slightly corny but easy to make)
2.Gift boxes...
3. Peppermint candies.. I could probably just make a cane for mass production!
4. Random cup cakes in xmas-y miniature gift boxes?

I need more ideas... As much as possible I'd like to avoid using white because I'm still messy~ hihihi

I'll probably make figurines or just hand made cellphone charms or... magnets?

I'm not sure if my guy friends would appreciate these though... :(


Hobby: 'Jack of All Trades, Master of None"

My hobby seems to be evolving every time... every quarter of a year I think I change a hobby... In less than a year, I had the following hobbies:

- Blogging
- Photography
- Pixel Art
- Video Games
- Beauty stuff
- Polymer clay accessories
- Cooking finger foods
- Gadgets

I've never mastered any of these hobbies.. I've never mastered any of my hobbies... hmmm, wait!  My close friend said that "Video Games" shouldn't be considered as a hobby but a leisure. Makes sense. She also said that most of my hobbies are related to art.

"Art is your hobby" ^__^

However, it still doesn't change the fact that I have not mastered anything... I've only started playing around with Polymer Clay and I'm already transitioning to wanting to make dollhouses and then last week someone said that she used to have a project about needle tatting when she was in elementary and I'm getting interested about it... I keep on changing hobbies =_=

As for the polymer clay hobby, I'm still into it. I'm just so frustrated because I want to be good at it and I ended up looking at blogs of people who are more into creating scale miniatures for dollhouses. I immediately knew that I nowhere near their level of creativity and skill.

I love looking at their blogs at the same time I feel so insecure. Anyway here are the blogs I love to look at:
Snowfern Clover
Les P'titsMobiles 
My world on the table

Snowfern Clover and My world on the table are the biggest influences of my hobby evolution =_= while Joojoo is a big inspiration and Les P'titsMobiles.. T_T biggest insecurity (I love his work).

Joojoo and Les P'titsMobiles both have a "series" or a theme for their creation (snails and sea creatures).. I want to have something like that...


View from my office

When I have nothing to do, I like looking out the window. Here are some shots I took~ T_T Please bear with the bad shots (Camera's are not allowed in our office, so I took them with my phone)


Food Trip: Noda Sho Japanese Restaurant

I tend to binge eat whenever I'm feeling under the weather. I've been craving for sushi around 3 weeks and my friend told me he would accompany me to the Japanese Grocery in a place called Little Tokyo in Pasong Tamo.. The Japanese Grocery was selling over priced stuff so we decided to explore and we came across this Japanese restaurant called Noda Sho. The place looked so authentic and I fell in love with it as soon as I stepped in.

I wasn't able to take pictures of the food though, I was too eager to eat.. I kinda forgot! hihihi~  I ordered the mixed sushi platter... I've never tasted anything better than the sushi they served!!! My favorite was the uni sushi~ love love love~


Update: Aspirin Mask (week: 3)

So It's roughly 3 weeks since I started using the aspirin mask in an attempt to remove my milia... So far here are the benefits I got (based on my previous post)

- dries out acne (I got pimples the first week I tried this but recently, I haven't had break outs)
-reduces redness (not so much)
-reduces size of pimples (slightly I guess)
-shrinks pores (YES!!)
-Easy to make (yes)
-Inexpensive (Yes, my bottle of aspirin is almost out since I shared some with 3 other people)
-Makes skin smooth as a baby's bottom (Seems like it was super smooth the first 3 times you put it on.. after a while it isn't that smooth.)
-exfoliates well (Yes)

I've also been using Garnier's facial wash which probably gave some additional benefits like fairer skin and lesser freckles. My freckles were like maps on my cheeks.. now they're just spots. I'm really happy about it.

As for my milia,  :( unfortunately, they're still on my face. My milia are smaller on the days I apply the mask and on the days I rest my face from any product, they look the same way before I started using the aspirin mask..


Goal of the week: DIY!!!

I think I'm having the worst Monday ever... I wasn't able to sleep because my brother's dog from hell was barking the whole night until around 1:30 am... and it started barking this morning at around 5 am - 6 am... So, I woke up as cranky as ever... As soon as I left my room I was greeted with "You have to commute to work today because the car broke down and your brother is using the other one," which made me even more moodier than when I woke up...

I "slightly" enjoyed the commute to work BUT as soon as I got off the bus.. it effin' rained!!!! As soon as I sat on my work area.. I got a migraine and I feeling a little feverish.

My mood is slightly improving... but not my migraine.. trying to distract myself by surfing the net... my friends are trying to cheer me up as well...

friend: PMS?
me: madaming factors (a lot of factors)
me: and PMS is just 10% sa nakaka bad trip sa akin (and PMS is 10% of what is making me moody)
me: migraine
friend: ok, thought of a bad joke, wont say it for fear of my life

I also found really helpful tutorials for my polymer clay hobby.. exactly what I was looking for~!

DIY cookie cutters:
1st tutorial: Easy Biscuit Cutters (For Playdough, Cold Porcelain Clay or Plasticine)
2nd Tutorial: Dog Biscuit (cookie) Cutter from soda can

I like the 2nd tutorial more~ Recycle!!! I'm excited about this~ I drink one can of coffee every morning so I'll have a LOT of materials to play with! I can probably make spoons and forks from the cans as well~! I'm so excited about it!

DIY cupcake liners:
1st tutorial: White chocolate mocha cupcakes (with homemade cupcake liners!) « One Ordinary Day
2nd tutorial: Judy in Her Natural Habitat: The Kitchen: Cute Cupcake Wrappers!
3rd tutorial: Homemade Cupcake Wrappers - LoveToKnow Cake Decorating

Doesn't look as perfect as the store bought cupcake liners.. but I can say that my creations are 100% hand made! hihi~

... I went to a doctor about my migraine... she said I have to get my an Xray for my spine... I'm scared.. :(


I Fight Back: Go Away Bullies

I used to spend 70% of my time in a breeding ground for bullies.. I wasn't really the main target of the bullying, but it wasn't something that I wanted to watch all day, so I left. I was a target earlier this year (which was partly the reason why I stopped posting during those times) however, I can defend myself against a bunch of immature people. I fight back...

I wasn't going to mention anything about this in my blog but I recently met someone who was also a target by a different group of bullies in the same hostile environment that we were in...

Contrary to common knowledge, there were more girl bullies in this hostile environment that I was in... and even the guy bullies acted like girl bullies..

Verbal abuse...

I won't go into details about how the bullying happened but I'll just quote some excerpts from some sites I've read. (The victim or the bully might relate to one or two statements.. hopefully) . Also I'll be focusing on girl bullies rather than guy bullies..

How do girls bully:
* Verbal assaults. Girls typically use verbal attacks (name-calling, gossip, insults, etc.) to target their victims. Sometimes these assaults take place in front of the victim. other times, they happen behind the victim's back.
* Exclusion. One of the most common ways that girls bully is by excluding the victim. Girls often form groups of similar social status and shun other girls who try to join. They either tell the victim to leave them alone or simply walk (or run) away without saying a word to the victim.
* Online attacks. Cyber bullying (online bullying) is becoming a common form of bullying, especially by girls. Cyber bullies use computers to send mean e-mails to their victims and through instant messaging, blogs, and chat rooms
* playing jokes or tricks designed to embarrass and humiliate
* being friends one week and then turning against a peer the next week with no incident or reason for the alienation

Other tactics:
Walk down the hallway and slam into a girl-the teacher thinks you're distracted!
Knock a girl's book off a desk-the teacher thinks it fell!
Write an anonymous note!
Draw a mean picture!
Roll your eyes!
Send an instant message with a new username!
Steal a boyfriend!
Start a rumor!
Tell the teacher she cheated!
"You step on their shoe. Oops! Sorry!"
"You walk past someone and you try to bump them. You say, 'Excuse you!'

WHY do girls bully:

They've learned the habit of bullying at home. Bullies often (but not always) come from homes where they are bullied or abused by their parents or older siblings. Bullying is a way for them to regain some of the control they have lost at home.
* They're insecure. In many cases, bullying is a cover-up for insecurity.A bully may be sensitive about her weight or the clothes she wears, and bullying other girls allows her to attack them before they attack her.
* They need to feel powerful. Girls who bully need to control and exert power over others.To make themselves seem more powerful, girl bullies often target girls who are passive, easily pushed around, or have very few friends. They often gang up on another girl to demonstrate their control.
* They want to get attention and be popular. Many girls bully to gain attention from their peers. They think that by being mean to others they will become more popular with the "cool" crowd. Unfortunately, this is often true, which makes bullying even more tempting to many girls.
* They have personal issues. Quite often, a girl may bully because she is having troubles at home or at school, which cause her to act out against other girls. Underneath her tough exterior, she is likely to be angry or depressed about other issues in her life
* Preserve or protect their friendships

* Retaliation for perceived slights
* Competition for attention from important people


Actually, even on my last day, I still received something that was made with the intent of humiliating me. I thought that was the last I'd hear about the bullying...


Happy 2 year anniversary to me and my love~

2 years... It's been two years... I'm happy and nostalgic... still no plans on how to celebrate >_<

love love love~!