Globe Telecoms Fair use policy: unblocked


Got this text recently:

"Free Globe Advisory: Start enjoying text and voice promos again. Please continue to be reminded of our Fair Use Policy for calls and texts. Globe reserves the right to protect its subscribers against spamming and abused deemed in violation of fair use policy. Globe is committed to provide good service quality for our values subscribers. Thank you for being Globe-connected."

Only in the Philippines will you encounter telcos who do not promote "communication."
  1. Smart cuts your call after 5 minutes
  2. PLDT cuts your call after 10 minutes
  3. Globe cuts you off after 20 -30 minutes
  4. Sun cuts you off after 1 hour.

Globe being the worst of the bunch because of their fair use policy.

"The fair use policy states that call and text offers are applicable for person to person transactions only. They are not intended and should not be used for commercial purposes. Call and text offers must not be abused by the subscribers (i.e. subscribers must not make an unreasonable number of calls or make unreasonably prolonged calls)"

What on earth is the purpose of Globe Telecoms if "subscribers must not make an unreasonable number of calls or make unreasonably prolonged calls"

My boyfriend and I call each other like 5-8 times a night, and don't call each other much during the day but we talk until we use up the 30 minutes per call. If you call that spam... then fine.. but I believe it isn't. And if what we're doing is the reason other people were not able to register or call because of the network congestion.. it's not my problem. It's Globe's problem... and they shouldn't push this Fair Use policy on the subscribers.

The Fair use policy was not well thought of. It seemed like they implemented it when it was still a draft and never thought of the following:

  1. How to distinguish commercial calls from personal calls
  2. How to distinguish spam from normal calls
  3. Who are the valued customers?
  4. Who should they protect their valued customers from.
 If globe is having problems maintaining the unli promo, or if they are not profiting from it.. why use a lame ass excuse like the  "Fair use" policy? Just stop the promo if it's not profitable. Limit the selling sim cards if it's causing so much network congestion.


I Spy

I saw some person's blog.. and it's full of trash talking... too much hate..

The person made a blog dedicated to the person he hates.  The irony.


Rainy Days Photos (in a moving vehicle)

Took these when I was on my way to my BF's place... Stupid driver didn't slow down a bit... but I still posted the blurry shots anyway.


Quick Post: Product Catalog..

I need to make one... But I don't know how to make one.. or if I have to make one. There's this massage place I go to and they liked my work and they said they wanted to sell my polymer clay creations.

I wish I can just print out the pages of my other blog.

ARGGHHH... >_<


Quick Post: Resignation countdown

I finally submitted my letter of resignation. I've been looking for cute countdown widgets for my blog.. thankfully my recent addiction (Poupee Girl) has a really cute countdown gadget for blogs

I also looked at the following:

1. http://www.countdownr.com

2. Widget box (Had to register to save the widget)
3. Poupee Girl

Poupee Girl's count down timer was the cutest. HAHA!

27 more days... no more issues.. no more bullies.. no more politics! Free at last.


Globe and NTC's Fair use policy

Globe's stupid anti spam policy... great idea... stupid implementation

"SPAM is the abuse of electronic messaging systems. SPAM messages are not necessarily offensive, and may inform the person to join a cause, join a training, apply for a loan or campaign for a politician."

"Globe has decided to reinforce the control measures on text SPAM to protect our valued subscribers from unsolicited SMS broadcasts. Rest assured that we are always looking for ways to serve our subscribers better."

Protection from unwanted spam... it's really a good idea but they are not even able to distinguish real calls from spam.

Globe's promo, Super Unli was supposed to give their subscribers UNLIMITED calls all day. My boyfriend and I use the promo to call each other every day... and apparently, calling someone everyday is a violation of the "Fair use policy" and you will not be able to subscribe to any promo they have.

It's so stupid... any call is spam for them


Quick post: The Madrasta and The new addiction

Madrasta Update:

She actually told my sister that she wanted to leave and was only waiting for her "payment" Yipee!! My sister asked , "How much do you need?"

It's really looking good.

Addiction update:

I'm currently addicted to Garnier products... I have the moisturizer, toner, facial scrub, eye roll-on, brightening facial mask and the blue facial scrub.

The lightening Moisturizer is super effective so far.. I haven't been consistent applying it every morning and I still get great results.

I've also been using the facial mask, once or twice a week and It's the reason why my face is clearing up. On the other hand, I'm breaking out. (But I still love it)

Not much of a fan of the toner and the blue facial scrub, got MAJOR break outs because of those..

The facial mask and the eye roll-on, I just bought 2 hours ago. I tried the eye roll-on and it definitely was soothing... ( I cried buckets last night... I hate migraines). So, I went to work with super unmistakable puffy eyes, so obvious that no one can resist looking at them. What better day to test it, right? The puffiness DID subside, at least I think it did. It really felt good on the skin that I want to keep on rolling on my eyes.. but I'm trying not to. I'm scared it might have some bad effects if you put too much on.

Anyway, I've been trying mostly the yellow Garnier products and avoiding the blue ones. I don't like the smell of the blue ones. The blue facial scrub smelled like soil and gave me really big zits all over.

I think I can say that Garnier made me less lazy about my skincare... better results = more addicted... I can't wait.


Step mother at her finest... What a day...

Started this day with a fight.. a fight that made the working in the office less hostile...

Anyway, I never liked my stepmother. I never got a long with her and I actually despise her. No one in the family, my cousins, my brother, sister, grandmother and even my father can stand her. I think only my Aunt can stand her since my aunt is just using her to do stuff but all in all we just pretend she doesn't exist. Even my father's friends and officemates dislike her.

Quote from my cousin's wife: "It's so easy to hate her"

Here's one (of many things) that make people hate her

She bragged that she was the reason my mother had a heart attack. (found out about this from a relative).

The fight started because I got tired of waiting for the driver and she tried to stop me from taking a cab. I was looking for my coin purse in my bag while she was talking. Then she shouted:

"Look at me when I'm talking"

Every time she talks to me I already get irritable.. and she was shouting. So I gave her the finger. Of course, cuss words galore from her and from myself.

I tried to walk away but she followed. More cussing..

I said why would I look at someone I never respected in my life and I never looked at her when she talks to me. It's so stupid that she's not used to it already. After 20+ years...

so stupid.

She got so frustrated and tried to kick me but she missed. I fought back and planted her face on the door. (For some weird reason, I don't feel sorry for this).

I called my dad while she was screaming at me and ask my dad to deal with her. She kept on telling me:

"Tell him to call me!"

I didn't do it... but my dad called her and looked like he didn't listen.

I left while they were talking.

Someone at home sent me a message that she was crying. So stupid, she picks a fight with someone and yet she ends up crying.

I told the people at home to be careful today because she's erratic. And they replied:

"Ang galing nyo nga po eh, Hehehe. kse sya ung galit na galit eh. Samantalang kalmado ka lang po. Iniiral kse nya init ng ulo nya, kase nung kinakausap nia kanina papa mo, nag mamadali si kuya kanina kse mukhang ayaw kausapin ng papa mo si ate. Ayos ginawa mo te. Buti nga sa kanya"

Rough translation:
You're really good, since she was so infuriated while you were just calm. She let her anger get to her. A while ago when she was trying to talk to your dad, your dad was in a hurry to go to work because he seemed like he didn't want to talk to her. You did good. Servers her right."

That text made my day slightly better for the rest of the day until she texted me 9 hours after (translating and editing as I type..):

"You were in grade 3, I was Unicef consultant getting 36k/mo; as BCDA consultant getting 25k reporting 2 to 3 days/wk; with the Gokongweis' I was getting 55k/mo, reporting 2 days a week; with OWWA, 25k 2 days/week; when I conduct trainings 10k to 15k a day; passtime ko lang veritas and welcome which I gave na. And you said 'At least I have work and I only breakeven" Helloo- I have lotto and a field in san jose, don't talk arrogantly; Grocery, supplies, salaries, repairs, etc etc comes from the apartments. Don't bring your problems and attitude here at home. Dennis got Steph's house before you, you're gonna have your own. Anyway, I rest my case, will now erase your number in my cell. Please stop the blaming game, you're old enough. You're Making your own life, your happiness or miseries, period"

All that just to say "I'll delete your number now"

By the way, the 'Apartments' are owned by my grandmother and the maids have been telling me that she buys more stuff for herself than for the household. Also, the gas money my dad gives is 1k per car, the past 3 drivers have been telling me they only get 500 per car... so yeah. If she earns that much why the kick back?

Here was my reply:
"Hirit ka pa ng hirit. De-delete mo na nga lang number ko, mag papa-pansin ka pa at puro insignificant satsat. Erase it for all I care. I never saved yours"

Rough translation:
"You keep on talking. You're just deleting my number and yet you still want my attention and keep on saying insignificant comments. Erase it for all I care. I never saved yours"

Why does she keep on trying to prove herself to people who never liked her...

argh after 9 freakin' hours she's still not over..

stupid stupid stepmother...