Emo Nail art

I went to a salon near my place to get my nails done. I've been eyeing the salon for quite some time because of they do nail art for 199 php.

I wanted Alice in Wonderland nails but the nail artist couldn't get what I was saying so I said "Parang baraha" (a deck of cards). The nail artist still couldn't understand... I even described the suites (Diamond, Club, Spade, Heart)... but to no avail... I just said just put hearts and diamonds on my nails and leave the middle finger blank with only one rhinestone on it.... (I still had to stop the nail artist.).

Here's what I settled for... a gothic, emo, uneven bubbly nail art covered with glitter polish to hide the bubbles... =_=

It still looks nice, though...

It was so frustrating that there was a time that I was the one holding the nail polish and putting it on my nails. Also, my first nail artist gave up on the design I wanted and asked another nail artist to take over.

I had my hands and feet done... and both polishes were bubbly... But I have to say, the polish lasted from last Saturday to Wednesday (until I got tired of it).

I'm still thinking whether I should attempt a better version of my Alice in Wonderland emo nails...

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