Things That Make Me Happy #3: Christmas Hangover!

Though I practically locked myself in my room this holiday season, I feel well rested.. well duh, how can I not feel rested when all I did was eat, sleep, play, read, and watch dramas for 4 days straight? Currently I am preparing myself for another 4 day isolation therapy for this coming New Year hahaha!

I haven't been posting anything but my Happy series lately. I've been meaning to start a new art work on Sai or some polymer clay charms but I had second thoughts since I wouldn't put it down until I finish drawing/crafting again wahahaha! Lazy daisy~!

I'll try to post some artworks in between, for now here's another random dose of positivity.

 Glitter Santa! Isn't he the cutest wine bottle topper?

 More Christmas lights, I had to do some ninja moves to take pictures of this hahaha! Commuting Powers!
Finding misplaced jewelry that were hiding right under your nose >_<

Expected-Unexpected packages! I purchased something online but I wasn't sure when it will arrive because it was the holidays~!

 Gorgeous packaging! The two brands I love~ 
I recently bought Majolica Majorca's Creme De Cheek in Shell Pink Cream (PK312) just because of the packaging. I wore it to the mall over bb cream and nothing else and I got stared at not in a negative-what-on-earth-does-she-have-on-her-face kind of look though. :)
I also bought a pink lipstick (POR202) from Etude's Etoinette Collection, I bought it because it had an E on the packaging. I am hypnotized by the packaging of all the products!

I hate to admit that I wasn't able to prepare much for this post as I didn't get to explore the world and take gorgeous pictures of random stuff. However, always have the urge to go out just to take random pictures. I feel like I'm gradually achieving the little goal I've set in starting this blog series. :)

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