My First Successful Digital Art

I wasn't able to finish my last digital art... I kinda stopped at her hair and I lost interest. This time I'm quite proud of myself (hihi) since I was able to finish a drawing in one session! I think I'm starting to find my style. I was a little too OC drawing my previous works so it took me a while to finish. This time I didn't care that much if my details were a bit messy.

I guess I did learn something in the watercolor workshop I went to several months ago.

It's definitely a big improvement from my last artworks, right? ^___^


Levitation Photography

I don't usually feature other blogs here but I'm totally in love with the photos by Natsumi Hayashi in her webpage yowayowacamera.com.

Quote from her webpage:

Natsumi Hayashi
Lives in Tokyo with two cats.
Photographs mainly levitating self-portraits (and cats not levitating).
yowayowa is a Japanese term meaning "weak" or "feeble."
Since I'm yowayowa, it's really heavy to carry SLR cameras around.

She takes beautiful shots. Considering the photographs are "self portraits" I'm totally amazed by her photographs. Other levitation shots are done by taking a shot of the background, a shot of the person standing on something and then Photoshop comes in. Natsumi Hayashi shares how she takes these amazing self portraits in her website: first, with a self timer and second with a friend. ^_^ Jump Jump Jump until you get a great shot!


Out of the Box

"Literally" out of the box.

Last night I was so frustrated. I couldn't find a perfect Nendoroid display case. I would've bought it from ebay if there were display cases available but they were our of stock. I remembered I was able to buy a make-shift display case in Daiso so I decided to pay Daiso near my place. I couldn't find the display cases I wanted from daiso but I was able to find super cute bottles for 88 PHP (approx. 2 USD).

Miku and Ui look so lost! Waaaa so cute~! Saber is trying to escape! Hahahaha~! The nendoroids with weird/cute faces would look perfect in the bottles... unfortunately Kirino looks out of place T^T

I only have 5 nendoroids in my collection so far but I don't think I'd buy more of these bottles if I had more nendoroids. I can't stack them because of the lids and the bottom. But hey, they look so cute!!! *Kirino Face*


Random: Can't get over it~

I really can't get over this artwork from http://www.dahliart.jp, Takenaka's Illustration Portfolio

Doesn't it look like Lee Yoon Ji in Dream High? >_< I know, I know this is so last year but I remembered it again when I saw new updates in dahlia.jp (I love love love love the artwork!)


Personal: Mother's Day

Last sunday, my sister and I went to the salon to get our hair done. My sister wanted a change in her hair cut and I wanted my hair dyed black. Since my sister knew the owners of the salon we went to, she chatted with them first and made me get my hair color first.

When my sisters haircut was done... I was really surprised and speechless, she looked so much like our mom. She told me she was thinking about getting the same hair our mom had before she died. Our mom died in 1986, with super short curly hair. I think that was the fad at that time, I wouldn't really know I was only 4 at that time. BUT..  I remember my mom being the trendy mother during family gatherings ^_^ My sister's the same.

My sister told me when she was visiting my aunts in LA, she playfully wore a wig that looked like my mom's hair do, 2 of my aunts were brought to tears because my sister looked like her. My aunts are so cute :) I guess seeing  my sister looking like my mom is a Mother's day reminder for me.. hehe

Ma, if you can read this, We're okay ^_^ S, is doing a great job being a sister and a mom to me ^_^ we won't bully papsie that much. ^__^

Happy Mother's day!


New Hobby: Needle Tatting?

Yes... I picked up a new craft. It's called needle tatting. I did mention about this 2 years ago in a hobby related post. I finally got the right needles for it. I bought my needle set on ebay.

What made me pursue the new hobby?

I saw some jewelry posts from a blog I follow. I liked her purchases from that online store. I browsed through the seller and rather than being interested in the accessories being sold... I was more intrigued by how the accessories were made. I knew it was needle tatting... erm but I'm not 100% sure about it.

I think it's the same for my other hobbies. I'm more interested in how they were made instead of the accessory itself. I hardly wear any accessories. I don't wear watches, bracelets, earrings.. necklaces and so on. My ears are sensitive even to hypo-allergenic earrings T^T

Anyway, I received my needle set today and I almost immediately attempted (Immediately after work =_= geez..) the basic stitches. It takes a while to get used to. Crochet is a little more natural for me to do. The finger work for needle tatting is a lot different from crochet. The needle moves for crochet and for needle tatting, you loop the thread around the needle. It's difficult to describe... well the hand movements for needle tatting is very similar to knitting. Oh!! It's similar to casting on with one needle!

Here's failed attempt #6 and a finish product.


L'oreal Base Magique

I actually left this post in my drafts for so long! I completely forgot about it!

I thought about buying this for 2 weeks... I've read mixed reviews about it but I still ended up buying. I wanted something like Etude's Goodbye Pore Ever but for the whole face. I was super excited when I swatched this. It was like Photoshop in a tub, even better than Goodbye Pore Ever. Unfortunately, I broke out with MASSIVE pimples. I don't usually get huge pimples and I've hardly changed my routine except for this... *sigh* It's too good to be true...

I spent P945 for this so I really need to make this work! *sobs* I wonder what I can do..


Battling Freckles: trying to hide them

Here we go again... Ekai vs. freckles round... erm... I lost count already. My freckles have lightened already since I started a skin care routine. I still have noticable freckles though. So I recently decided to look for a color corrector or a good concealer. I've visited Mac, Laura Mercier, Benefit, Bobbi Brown and Shu Uemura yesterday and tested out their concealers

I was totally amazed by Mac's cream concealer I love the coverage (and the sales attendant~) but my make up looked to heavy and my face got a little itchy and oily. It was the cheapest option from all the one's that I've tried.

The Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage concealer palette was great, if not better than Mac's. Actually, I don't have any issue with the palette. It definitely did it's job concealing my blemishes perfectly but I wasn't really able to test it out on my freckles so I didn't buy it.


I just couldn't help it...

I bought another lipstick from etude... Even though my lips chap like crazy when I wear lipstick, I still couldn't help myself and bought another lipstick.

I'm so happy I found shades that look nice on my skin. Apparently, neutral colors and purple shades look good on me ^_^ I still can't grasp how warm or cool toned a lipstick is right now so I try on a lot of lipsticks. The first two lipsticks that looked good on me were from Etude's Dear My Blooming Lips line. I posted about it here. Out of the two lipsticks, I was only able to buy 1 shade... until a 2 days after buying my first choice... =_=