Finding My Style: Plain White Shirt

No, this is not a fashion post. :) It's an artsy fartsy one! I finally have an artwork to post~!

It's been three years already since I started drawing digitally! Unfortunately, I haven't improved as much as I wanted. There are so many things I want to do and so little time >_<


Late Post is Late, New Artwork

My first post for 2014 is a month late! I've been busy at work and I have been trying to adjust to my new office location. Trying to wake up 3 hours earlier than usual is such a pain but I hope I can keep it up. My sleeping hours haven't adjusted yet so I only get a few hours of sleep, because of that I had to postpone my coffee ban again... =_=

With that said, I haven't been able to do any artworks starting last month and I think it's about time I published another artwork to start my year, right?

Still a work in progress, I hate her hair and I still need to refine the edges of her face a bit more, however it's a great improvement from my old artworks!