A Lighter Color Palette and a Year's Worth of Random Posts

I completed her~! I'm quite happy with how she turned out. I based my color palette on the Copic Markers Color Guide. It's easier to work with a lighter color palette, so easy it makes me want to draw more~!!


[Personal]: Roller Coaster Week

*Cue RHCP song*
Your love is like a roller coaster baby, baby I wanna ride~!

Oh... I got carried away.... =__=  I am so disappointed at myself today, which is why I am double posting at least to overdose on some positive stuff... OR NOT, I need to rant a bit... (Warning, this is long post.)

Monday - Tuesday:
I started my week with a fever because I strained myself from my swim class the day before. I had too much fun in class, hahaha!

I'd say this was the happiest day of my week. As soon as I got to my desk in the morning I saw this:

It's the unnamed pig!
I knew from the moment I saw him... HE'D BE MINE! Hahahaha! No, seriously.. I wrote about him before:
This pig is an unnamed pig. I haven't adopted him yet.. but I have already taken him as hostage from an unwilling officemate. He gets panic attacks often... (See link for reference. >: ) Thanks J!! Hihihi! Now, give me chocolates.)

Artwork Update and Lemming for a New Art Medium

Well... I decided to post another update on what I have been working on for the past few days, which I have mentioned in my last entry (link).


Random: Yet Another Work In Progress

I made another random sketch today as I ran out of things to watch =_= I've been very particular about the things I watch lately. I found myself staying away from really heavy drama or when the plot gets too heavy, I stop watching. I think my tolerance for stress is really low at the moment.
Someday, I'll finish this sketch
And before I turn this into a rant post, I didn't plan on drawing this. I wanted to draw a drowning chibi... well.. erm... to represent what happened to me today. Well, I didn't drown or anything! *sigh* If I had my photograph taken while I was practicing, I would probably look like I was drowning... I think...

*Flails arms like a crazy lady*


Need to Escape... A Work In Progress

Recently, I feel like I'm on the verge of a mental breakdown and the weather is so uncooperative. Just trying to get my mind off some things, so I randomly drew something.

I wanted it to be a little more... gloomy... =_=

I've been seeing pictures of forests and stuff all over FB, YT and the blogs I frequent so I wanted to try drawing something like this as well. It isn't as good as the posts I see though... but I'm satisfied for now, a least I know what to do.


Random: Reflections of a Socially Awkward Girl...

The awkward girl strikes back! Just another random thought I wanted to share...

I hate that I'm such a dork like 99.9% of the time. My friends are so used to it that they say "it's part of my charm" (so to speak) =_= but most importantly, it's a form of entertainment, especially when I do my random gravity checks on extremely smooth surfaces. =__=

They love seeing me all flustered and deer-in-headlights-frozen-in-fear. Just like what happened this afternoon, when my teammates started to tease me about a certain person just because I had his number on my phone. I got so flustered that when he was right behind me, I kept on smiling like a dork and was unable to speak coherently. @_@

On the other hand, I sincerely think that the teasing is somehow a form of affection and sort of a sign that they have accepted me no matter how dorky or awkward I am, right?


A Not-So-Figure-Shoot

Last month, I met up with Bryan (Thought Bubbles) and John (Pixel Barrage) for a figure shoot. Unfortunately, no pictures of Nendoroids, Figmas or Scale figures can be found in this post. I was distracted by Bryan's macro lens. Bryan brought it (for me to try) as a gift for my birthday. So I ended up looking for creepy crawlies and some flowers... and then I met Skull...

He.. She... =_= Well... What is it?! A grasshopper? A grasshopper with Punisher's symbol on its head! Hahaha I love Skull~! Isn't he cute?

Skull is not your average creepy crawly...