Project: SAI - Progress... and some kikay stuff

After writing my frustrations post, I was inspired by my super idol Dahlia to try making something in SAI again. I tried making something like Dahlia's art, at least to pick up some technique.

I still can't control my tablet well, either I need practice or I need to replace my 6 year old Wacom tablet =_= har har har.

Here's me trying to practice on my graphics tablet:

Need more control =_=
I decided to go on a clay hiatus for now and will practice more on my tablet.

Anyway, I noticed the art that I loved from Dahlia's website were mostly black and white and I thought that if I stuck to something simple I can probably make something decent. :)

So I tried~

I used Dahlia's art, False Eye lashes and Majolica Majorca's Lash Expander Frame Plus as a reference for this. (GWAHAHAHA).

While I was trying to add the lashes, I kept on thinking "Ohhh... I wish I had these lashes" "Oooohhh and lower lashes too..." hahahaha Oh well! Regarding Majolica Majorca's Lash Expander Frame Plus (Grrr what a mouthful), although every one is raving about it, I have mixed feelings about it... I does make my lashes SUPER long, and thick but sometimes I feel like my lashes look spidery... I probably need more practice doing the wiggle wand application =_=

ARGH!!!! Why is putting make up so complicated!??!

@_@ I felt I did a good job making the eyes... though I need more practice drawing the "Water line," the eye lid crease and her eyebrows.

For the imaginary guys who read my blog (lol): What is a water line? See photo below.. she's putting eyeliner on her waterline

yes, she's putting something on the inner part of her eyes XD
(Photo Credit: cosmetic-candy.com (Looks like a great tutorial!):

Anyway, I continued drawing and attempted to create a whole face XD

I still need to work on her hair and some weird spots on her nose and lips~ >_< I also kinda cheated with her eyes... I duplicated the layers and rotated her eyes XD

I promise once, I get the hang of using a tablet... I will try to make a drawing without cheating~! 

I looks like I made some progress, right? After making this, I think I know some of my weaknesses.

1. I suck at shading
2. Color matching.
3. controlling my pen
4. I don't know how to draw a nose

I'll probably stick to drawing black and white stuff at the moment... at least until I get the hang of using a tablet

and oh.. I came across this website while looking for a perfect example of a water line (7 tricks for applying eyeliner)

I just had an idea!!! I should read eyeshadow and eyeliner tutorials for my SAI practice!

Project: SAI - frustrations

It's really frustrating.. I'm mean my bad habit is frustrating... I can never excel at any hobby I pick up because of my bad habit...

I can say I know how to do a lot of things... At least for an average person. I can crochet, sculpt miniatures using clay, draw digitally or draw on paper, I know how to knit, create beaded jewelry, I know macramé, I can take fairly decent pictures, I can play the piano, I can play some songs on a guitar, I can go wall climbing, play tennis, I can bake cookies...


I'm not good at any of those things... I just know how to do them. With my personality, I can't master any of the things I mentioned. I could've been really good at playing the piano since I started really young... but I lost interest once I was able to self study a whole book of church songs sheet music, then I moved on to a different hobby.

I'm really frustrated that I get satisfied after learning instead of being satisfied after mastering a certain craft...

An average person would call me talented.. but if they compare me to those who have mastered their craft.. :( I'm nothing...

Miniature creatures:

Left: Joojoo's Miniatures... (She's one of my idols when it comes to creativity)
Right: My messy miniature creatures...

Miniature food:


Left: Snowfern Clover's AMAZING miniatures.
Right: My distorted tarts...

Digital Art


Left: Dahlia's Art...  LOVE!
Right: My lame attempts... I'm no where near Dahlia's skills... /sob


Home Remedy: Miracle Migraine Cure~!

At least for me...

Well, I just wanted to share my fairly recent discovery for my migraines :)

Since I've been seeing reviews from thiamere and Nikki from askmewhats about Purederm products, I've been trying them like crazy. Since I'm a sucker for anything minty I bought Purederm's 'Shiny and Hydrating Hair Mask' and the Chamomile version.

Miracle Migraine Treatment!

Chamomile version

Important Note: All pictures are from Purederm website (since I'm in the office, cameras are not allowed and the USB ports have been disabled hmph!). Just a side comment: I have an overwhelming desire to buy everything in the website >_<

 I tried it when I was stuck at home because of a bad migraine. I usually can't move when my migraine attacks so I decided to pamper myself with a hot shower followed by the hair treatment.

It felt like Bengay on my scalp!!!  <3

As soon as the soothing effect of the treatment activated, my migraine was gone! Even after rinsing my hair the soothing effect stayed for around 20- 30 minutes. It felt like heaven!

It doesn't do anything to my hair, though... but that's not important! What's important is I found a cure for my migraine when I'm at home!

Hmm.. I got distracted by something in Purederm's website

Beauty Quiz

I want the gift pack!!!! RAWR~*

Anyway as I've mentioned earlier, I've been trying purederm products like crazy! I love most of the products I've tried. 

Here are some purederm products I've tried:
Nourishing Repair Hair Mask - This one made my hair soft for 2-3 days after the treatment
Intensive Repair Foot mask - This is my second favorite purederm product~
Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter Olive Oil mask - I love the smell of this... it was kinda tingly on my face, though
.. actually I forgot what I used =_= I'll complete the list once I check the products I've hoarded

Products I want to try:
+Invigorating Foot Scrub
+Callus Reducer Jojoba Heel Patch
+Refreshing Peppermint Foot Deodorizer
+Grape Yogurt Mask
+Strawberry Yogurt Mask

err... I want to try all...


Project: SAI

I recently acquired a copy of "SAI Paint tool"  because I was super jealous one of my classmates in college who used to admire my artworks can now do something that I can't or something that I wanted to... =_=

~_~ to be motivated by something like that... selfish me... huhu

Anyway, just for the sake of sharing... even though I'm not as skilled as my school mate or anyone in the artsy fartsy industry... =_= here's my test art using a 6 year old Wacom Graphire tablet and SAI.

I was playing around with the Tablet pressure settings and started sketching ^_^
I got super frustrated after sketching.. I had a hard time Inking my sketch so I looked for some tutorials and practiced on a smaller sketch =_= There aren't many tutorials for SAI inking... most are just showing off and some don't even mention what tool they use... The tutorials are more like "How to Draw manga" or "Introduction to SAI tools" or "See how I draw" grrrr frustrating!

When I was already comfortable using my tablet and inking I went back to my first sketch and did the inking... obviously the inking for the face, eyes and the hair doesn't match =_= I really need more practice

Here's the first sketch with hair and color. 
Another frustrating part of the drawing is the hair!!! I hate her hair!!!!! The reason I changed her hair from pigtails to a bob was because it was difficult to paint *sobs* I wanted her to have dark blue hair but it was really difficult to make it presentable.

I love making the eyes though, I still need to pick up a certain technique or a signature eye look.

I played around with the hue and saturation of the eyes~ I love it when it's red!!! but her damn hair doesn't match!

 =_= Gotta clean up some parts.. I really need more practice... when I finish I want to make some cute chibi characters!