New Hobby(?) Resin Charms and a Mini Rant

I've been thinking about playing around with resin for a long time, probably as long as I have been making polymer clay charms or since I stumbled upon Snowfern's website.

Should I pick up another hobby? Every time I see some resin jewelry tutorials I spend 2-3 hours drooling over the things I can make with resin like:

  • miniature cups
  • realistic miniature fruit jams, sauces, soups...
  • miniature plates
  • my own rhinestones <-- this makes me the most excited... all I need is the shiny back
  • Some charms
  • my own beads

I already have the molds for it or I can already create my own silicone molds... All I need is the resin. I wish it was locally available.

Sorry to say, but, I hate my country for only supplying what is currently a fad... Artists like me who are curious about different materials can't "expand our horizons" because first, everyone.. online sellers or malls want to monopolize on "fads" and sell over priced materials like polymer clay. Second, they only supply whatever is popular. Like milk tea... sorry I just had to say hahaha.. Maybe I should use sports as a better example, last Thursday, a friend asked me to go shopping with her. We went to some sporty shops and I went to look around for some tennis shoes at Toby's... I didn't find any. Then we went to Nike, and I only saw 2 pairs. Well it's not like I'm gonna play or anything but the art world is the same. If in sports we have shops plastered with Bike shoes and Running shoes, in art we only have... Cross stitching thread and some yarn...

I know, I know.. supply and demand blah blahs... "You should be more resourceful" blah blah blah... =_=  I'm just frustrated...

I've been going back from justifying my "new hobby" (which, i have mentioned above) and the cons of playing around with resin.


  • Not available locally, I only saw 2 multiply sellers and I'm not sure if they are even active
  • more clutter in my room
  • Last but not the least... I actually have to work OUTSIDE my room!!

A few personal facts about me:

  1. I actually suck at cross stitching... so bad that I had to ask someone else to complete a cross stitch piggy pattern for me, which was not even a school project =_= (I feel so ashamed...)
  2. I can be considered as a shut in. I hate leaving my room given the situation with the stepmother and all...

I left a message on the multiply seller, if she replies... it's a sign!

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