Things That Make Me Happy #2: Christmas Spirit

What a busy week hmm month(?)... I was more busy doing Christmas related activities at work rather than my actual tasks now I have a buttload ton of tasks to do. It's so stressful I almost forgot about my Happy blog series. Too much negativity around me. Good thing I remembered about my little goal of making a weekly list of things that make me happy. I really need a good dose of positivity right now. I choose to be happy! ^__^

Office Christmas Activities, we made a video presentation and won 2nd place!
 This actually cheered me up last week, when my grandmother passed away. Making faces in front of the refrigerator wearing ridiculous accessories. I wore an usa mimi (bunny ear) 
 Christmas lights! They're so bright!
 Random art attacks, not just mine :)
 Christmas Wishlists! You get to ask for anything!
 Christmas loot: FOOD! This was the best cupcake ever! I ate mine and stole another one from a not so willing teammate :) Thanks Darwin Bwahahahaha!
 More Christmas loot, didn't get to take pictures of my other Christmas loot before I ate them >_< 
 Piggies! I finally unboxed my recent nendoroids and put them in jars again, wanted to put this piggie in his own display case.
 Fizzy drinks! My not so organic way of getting rid of my migraines... shhhhhhhh~!
 Traces of my Christmas loot... I was too busy eating to clean up!
More piggies~!

What made you happy this week? (Oh ha?!)

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