Package Received: Lycee Eyedrops and Dolly Wink Eyeliner

Last week, when I cried out of frustration, like literally cried because I have an @#$@$ of a team lead who has a reading comprehension deficiency and practically FORCED me to follow his orders, just because he's the 'TEAM LEAD". I noticed that my gel liner was not tear/emo proof...

As much as I love my gel liner, for making it easy to apply my newly acquired skill of putting on eyeliner and tight lining... I had to look for an alternative. I heard that the Dolly Wink Eyeliner is the "Holy Grail" eyeliner for some of the bloggers I follow so I looked around and bought myself the black pencil eyeliner and the Rohto Lycee Eye drops for Contacts from Geisha's Secret.

The delivery was quick. I got my package 48 hours after I paid. I paid on a Sunday and got my package Tuesday morning. The seller was a no nonsense type of seller as well.

Anyway, time to unpack my treats~!

Can you guess what I'm more excited about? *pop* *pop*

I bought 2 pink Items~! *pop*

The Dolly Wink packaging was like an easy puzzle so I opened it up first. *pop*

I don't think I'll use the DW eyeliner yet.. I still have half of my MMJ eyeliner. It's just super difficult to tight line with it so I'll stick with my gel liner first and put on my Ice Queen front until I run out.

As for the Rohto Lycee eye drops, it's so addicting I'm scared of using it too often. I tried the eye drops with my lenses on and it really did make my eyes feel better with contacts. I was even able to watch an episode of some series I'm watching. Unfortunately I had migraines so I had to take my contacts off.

I also read that I can use my Rohto drops on my bare eyes. I've tried it and it felt a WHOLE lot minty-er than when I had my contacts on... Couldn't even open my eyes for a few seconds... Not because it hurt, just because it was minty.

I went to an optical shop to get my eyes check (for free). The attendant said that I only have dry eyes and super mild astigmatism. "Plano, 0.25, Axis 180" < Yeah.. what she said (Hahahaha). I didn't need contacts or glasses but I'm still frustrated about my geo lenses.. I wish there's an easy way to get rid of my dry eyes.. I hate putting eye drops every now and then.. Can't I do water therapy instead? T^T

Last but DEFINITELY not the least~! BUBBLE WRAAAAPPP~! Atttaaccckkk!!

Wait.. waaa there were blank spaces in my bubble wrap!

Bubble Wrap love~ *pop* *pop* *pop*

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