[Personal] Take Me With You!

Since I started working in the IT industry, I have always worked with "certain people". I always hated their work ethics and how they talk. Through the years I have accumulated quite a lot of resentment towards them and eventually generalized that they were all the same.

I just had to write a post about this because I would never have expected that a person from the "people I resented" so much could make me feel like I am doing great at work and that I should do more. Not because they are doing so bad and making me look great but because of all the encouragement I got. :)


My First Gachapons - Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan

I did mention how much of a fangirl I became while I was playing Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan on my 3DS, right? I even pre-ordered some gachapons online last October because there were no Nendoroids for Hakuouki T^T. The Hakuouki gachapons are the only figures I have that are not Nendoroids. If they release Nendoroids for Hakuouki, I would probably buy Saito, Sano, and Hijikata.

Kirino was excited too!


I Should Be Studying...

I should be studying for a test tomorrow but I just had the urge to draw something. I have been sketching half open eyes for the past few days and I really wanted to try drawing it digitally...

Still a work in progress since I just drew it on a whim with out any plan/concept in mind. I'll try to finish it once I can finally focus on other things. 3 weekends to go!!!


Nendoroid: Ui is Spazzing Out

I recently discovered that the Sylvanian Families sets were a better match for Nendoroids than Re-ment. I love Re-ment because of their food miniatures but I was always frustrated about the scale of their furnitures.

It never really crossed my mind to use the Sylvanian Family sets I impulsively bought last year until I saw pictures kixkillradio and Nodoka. They have so many gorgeous pictures and kixkillradio shares how she sets up her photos. Her blog is totally worth a visit!

I decided to try it out and I was really happy with the outcome. Unfortunately, I couldn't really go all out and set up an elaborate room since I had little time. Next time, I'll take better shots.

UI is Spazzing out while cooking