Back in Japan - Kansai Tour (Image Heavy)

I went back to Japan as a gift for myself on my birthday~! This time I went to Kyoto and Osaka with some friends. I initially planned to go alone but I am really thankful that they tagged along because I wouldn't have survived without them. Going around Tokyo was easier for me.

Day 1: Kyoto - Fushimi Inari and Philosopher's Path

Rare shot of the torii without people =_=
The grandmother who was stronger than me...
1000 paper cranes


A Great Year Has Passed and Hopefully Another Awaits!

Hey, I'm still alive!

I haven't been a good blogger since I switched jobs and since my laptop died. I haven't been able to do my art attacks as well but I've been busy with other things like work and exercise.

Moving to a new company was a good decision for me last year, despite all the overtime and not being able to really fit in at work. My life feels more balanced because I don't really fit in with the crowd at work. It sounds so negative but I find a lot of things that make me happy outside of work like family and friends.

My only regret for 2014 is that so many good things happened after the Japan trip and I wasn't able to document it.

Looking back, I think I was able to fulfill a lot of my goals like keeping my room clean (for 6 months) and staying active (Swimming, Biking, and Running). I was also able to fulfill a life long wish by going to Japan and hopefully I'll be back this coming March!

I am really hopeful that 2015 would be as good as 2014... It seems to be starting quite well so far!


[Personal] Just Another Update

So... I haven't been posting on my blog again. I've been through a lot of changes recently. I quit my job for a more challenging role. It was a tough decision as I had to choose from a managerial role in a high profile company over a more technical role in a start up company. Most of my friends wanted me to take the first offer but I wanted a more technical role to leverage my skills. Currently, I like what I am doing, despite the long hours and the long commute home.

Aside from the new job, I'm also in the process of refurnishing my room. I have successfully reduced my clutter by a HUGE amount and I'm left with just a fraction of clutter compared to what I had before. I'm still in search for an Ikea Expedit knock off shelf here so I can get rid of what's left of my clutter.. Hopefully, before the year ends. :)

Lastly, my laptop died. I have been sleeping well for the past few weeks because I have no more distractions when I am home. I am seriously contemplating on prolonging this "unplugged" state that I am in. However, I won't be able to draw digitally for a while.

I'm trying to post this entry using my phone and I hope it will turn out ok


Tokyo Adventure Day 4: Meiji Jingu and Shibuya

Meiji Jingu was one of the best places I visited during my trip to Tokyo. I couldn't help but feel amazed by the efforts the Japanese made to preserve their culture!

Everything was massive, the Gates (Torii), the trees, the path... I was overwhelmed when I entered. While walking towards the shrine, I couldn't help but imagine what it was like during the time it was built (1920's). People walking around wearing traditional clothing and all...