Nail Polish Haul After Math

After buying 7 new shades of nail polishes I ended up using an old nail polish instead. It's actually my bad habit when I buy go on a mall rage for nail polishes. I buy two or more colors and I get overwhelmed so I use an old nail polish =_= It always happens even if I am really excited about my new nail polish.

This time I used my China Glaze Atlantis polish. I bought it around 4 months ago. I purchased a pre-loved nail polish from a Multiply seller (I forgot where I'll look for it later) for 250 PHP. I guess the previous owner was also disappointed when she first swatched this. The first swipe of this polish is really sheer that I thought I bought another glitter top coat, so I left it on my stash of nail polishes for 4 months until I had the urge to put on a different glitter polishes on each of my fingers... to no avail, I only have 2 decent glitter polishes and the colors don't match...

Until today, I never tried putting on a second coat of Atlantis on my swatch. Initially, I expected Atlantis to be like Polarized, where I only need 1 coat of the polish to cover my entire nail with glitters and the glitters from the 2nd coat will make the glitters 'denser.' =_= It's hard to explain. 1 coat of Atlantis looks like green tinted clear polish with very little specks of glitters. The second coat surprisingly had more glitters but not enough to coat my whole nail with glitters. I needed to pile one 3 to 4 coats of nail polish to get the effect I wanted. Good thing these nail polishes dry quickly.

I'm not a fan of green but I love the shade.. I liked it so much I also put on polish on my feet, which I rarely do.

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=_= Pardon the feet... I've already tried to reduce the dryness of my skin to make it look decent...

I got a lucky shot! ^__^ I love how this picture turned out and I didn't plan this, I was simply going through all the filters on Camera 360, (not so bad habit), I also do the same on Instagram lol.

Camera 360: Black and White Filter and Instagram: Rise Filter

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