Blog Character, A Chibified Me

I'm still in search for a good chibi version of me, I haven't found my own drawing style I can recreate more than once. I need more practice... So far I've been trying to copy some pictures and making it my own as practice so I can find the particular style I'm comfortable with. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who's like this but ever since I learned how to draw, I tried to copy something and learn while I copy what I'm drawing and when I'm comfortable doing a certain look or style. I try to incorporate it in most of my drawings until I master it. >_<

*coughs* what a long intro *cough*

Anyway, I was feeling a little lazy but I suddenly had the urge to draw how I am feeling. I looked for cute poses I can copy and I found this...

Photo credits : Source
It's super similar with my Working From Home drawing but with better limbs >_< I turned it into a chibi me, just changed the clothes >_<

Floppy pig hat, disheveled nightie, and drooling face.. Hahaha! I think she can be my blog muse since my blog url means "Stupid Pig" (baka buta).

It was fairly easy to copy, it only took me around 20 to 30 minutes to finish. I think I'll try other poses but in the same style.

And oh, "Buhay Baboy" means... erm... Food Coma? Wahahaha!

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