Vintage Nail Art

I've finally tried it!

I'm currently going through a color identity crisis, last time I was going for mermaid colors, this time it pastel colors that's why I finally tried doing the vintage nail art design. Even though mint green does not suit my skin color... This pastel color phase is such a pain because most of the colors I like does not suit my skin color =_= Oh well, hopefully it'll pass.


Digital Art Bucket List: Chibi me...

I have a digital art bucket list that I would like to accomplish... someday. Well, like all my hobbies, I haven't set a deadline for the bucket list. I would like to take my time in challenging myself with these mini goals. I'll put my bucket list in a different post, for now I'll share my first attempt at crossing out one of the things I've listed:

"Create a chibi representation of myself" Chibi is Japanese (slang) for "small child" or "short person" (source). Japanese caricatures.

 I present to you a drawing of myself while working (at home~).


Water Droplet photos

I totally loving the glass and rainx trick I learned... I took more water droplet shots but this time using a glass sheet, from a picture frame and a black microwavable container (lol).

Hope you like the photos, The red pictures came out nice, I used my red laptop sleeve for the back ground teehee... For the multicolored ones, I used my blanket LOL!


More practice shots

Double post for today, I think I got what I wanted today. While browsing some macro photos of beads I came across this site: Photographing Water Droplets. The first part of the explained how the photographer used a piece of glass and rain.x to get a stunning water droplet shot and I happened to have rain.x for my car~! I immediately took out my rain.x and tried it on my mirror, here are the shots I got ^__^

A beady day :)

After that stressful lunch, I lost interest in watching my K-dramas or my Anime series but I was really bored so I decided to practice my photography. I recently revived my ear piercings, thanks to my friend who gave me pearl earrings that magically rid me of my allergies. I couldn't wear any type of earring because my ears somehow became sensitive, even hypoallergenic earrings for babies would make my ears burn and itch. Can you imagine how happy I was when the pearl earrings didn't give me rashes on my ears? After several days of wearing the earrings I tried wearing some of the earrings I had since high school, and yes, I kept all my earrings even though they weren't valuable. Just like my mom who kept my first pair of earrings in her jewelry box, which was kept in a safety deposit box until the day she died ^__^

Oh no, I was emotionally side tracked hahaha, but it's such a touching thing for my mom to do, right? I'll post about it some other time ^__^

So before I get sidetracked again, here are some pictures I took, they aren't exactly what I wanted but the pictures at least made my day.


New Color Preference: Mermaid Colors

I was chatting with a friend about my recent color preferences and realized that I've been leaning towards the mermaid colors, or whatever you call it hahaha! My last color phase was pink, orange and corals... I was in denial about my love for pink during that time. =_=

Anyway, I suddenly wanted to draw something that had mermaid colors in it and well I did the obvious and drew a mermaid. =___=

It's still a work in progress but I'm absolutely happy about how it turned out.


Nendoroid Sakura Shinguji

She's here!!!! I'm so happy I pre-ordered her. I had to buy her since I loved the anime so much and I can never forget the 2nd ending song of the Anime~ Kanna is so cute!!!

It's been a while since I posted about nendoroids huh? I was supposed to sell my previous nendoroids until I saw Sakura... it's such a classic anime that I couldn't resist buying her >_<

I hope they release more Sakura Taisen Nendoroids, if there's a Nendo version of Kanna or Sumire, I would definitely buy it.. both =_=. Kanna is actually my fave character from the series but Sakura is the lead so I had to buy her *cough* *trying to justify the expense* *cough*