Online Loot from KKCenterHK

I bought some falsies at kkcenterhk.com in preparation for my friends wedding, unfortunately it took a while until the package arrived... I was so excited when I checked the tracking site and saw that my package arrived in the Philippines on 16-July-2012... I kept waiting for the notice from our post office, half a month later and 2 days after my friends wedding, the notice came. It's really sad that I knew that the package  arrived in the country weeks before the stormy season started. It's quite ironic how fast it took to ship a few items from Hong Kong to Manila in just 7 days and the package waited a whole 15 days here in the Philippines before I get my package.

Ok fine... . I should be happy that my package arrived despite the stone age like processing here in our country. I'm really lucky that kkcenterhk.com shipped my items as quick as they could.

Anyway, here are the items I bought and please bare with the cutey-patootey filter... trying to lighten my mood besides I don't think the items I bought need pictures that are close to their colors in real life.. >_<


Cinderella photo dump

I feel like Cinderella today, not because of the curfew, but because of the transformation. This morning, I went to Tony and Jackey, my favorite salon, to have my hair curled temporarily. I costs 500 Pesos but it was totally worth it. I love how my hair turned out.

Anyway, here's a photo dump of my Cinderella-ish day today. ^_^ I had so much fun at my friend's wedding ^_^.

The sugar-rushed candy hoarders.


NOTW: Cheese flavored bling

Orange nail polish makes me think of the moment you step out of a movie house and see the effects of the cheese popcorn you were eating while watching... an orange mess. Hahaha.


Random: Daily Items

Interesting... yesterday I wanted to post about the products I've been using everyday. Unfortunately, yesterday was laced with so much drama that I shouldn't really give a **** about, (I am such a flypaper for freaks) I wasn't able to post anything.

I apologize for the super negative start but to balance it out here are the stuff I use everyday (negativity vs vanity.. yay) :

I'm posting about this since, when I first arranged my make up like this, I was surprised that I wasn't using as much as I thought I was using. Initially, I thought I was using way too much make up in the morning but when you lay my products all out like this, it doesn't seem like much. I don't even have any lipstick, blush or eyeshadow.


Random Photo dump: Vanity

I think I'm turning into an extra vain creature by the minute... I'm a more "girly" now, compared to how I was 1-2 years.. erm...10 months ago.. (lol). I'm not complaining though, I'm quite happy about it and I feel like I had a self esteem boost because of all the vain and superficial stuff I do. For example, doing nail art makes me feel different from other girls. It doesn't really help me career-wise or it doesn't improve my lovelife (nyahahaha) but it's a temporary confidence boost.

I feel selfish in thinking/feeling different from other girls because I feel that I'm good at doing nail art designs... compared to the people around me though. I'm not at par with the nail art bloggers yet, but they are virtual reality. ^_^ Hahaha, it feels weird writing this, I feel like a lot of people will hate me for it, but I'll keep it here as a reminder for me to stay humble hahaha!

I only have one vain photo dump today ^_^ I don't usually post pictures of myself in any social network or this blog though.. I'm just happy how this pic turned out despite the low resolution ^_^ I just had an impromptu hair cut at my favorite salon (Tony and Jackey Makati). I asked my stylist, Candy, to keep the length and just thin my hair out. I love how she did it, it made my hair look longer! The stylists in Tony and Jackey are amazing.


A Rant Against Spam

When I started my blog here at Blogger.com, I never really intended to earn money from it although honestly, it would be a plus for me if it did. I don't mind if my blog doesn't attract readers since this is a personal blog and not a niche blog.

Every thing I blog about is personal and random. I don't write any product reviews like the beauty bloggers do because I am not confident in doing reviews. I may have voiced out my opinions on some purchases I had but I wouldn't consider them as reviews, just random thoughts. I could do some reviews, but at the moment, I don't feel like I am in the right position to write reviews. So I'll just leave it to our beauty bloggers or tech bloggers.


Department Store Haul~!

[I should've posted this before my  NOTW entry] hihi~

I've been under the weather for the past few days because of stress at work, so I decided to splurge a bit and buy some pretty nail polishes for my last Nail Art accessories haul. I was only planning to go to Etude House to buy a bottle of the scented nail polish remover and then to the department store to buy a good nail polish color from china glaze. I spotted Tony Moly when I was on my way to the china glaze display =_= Tony Moly did more damage on my budget than my real purpose in the department store =_=

Here are the things I bought from Etude:


NOTW: Red, Silver and Pearls

Despite the lack of creativity in naming my entry, I am quite happy about how my nails turned out today. I was extra patient while doing it too~!