Skin Food's Carrot Nail Balm plus 1 month shopping ban

I bought the Carrot Balm from Skin Food a few months ago because of a REALLY bad nail art job I got from a random salon. A few days after I got my nails done, my cuticles peeled like crazy. All my fingers had super dry cuticles that were peeling that no lotion or hand cream could do the trick. I even tried putting sunflower oil on my cuticles every now and then... to no avail...

I didn't take good photo's again :(

I took a chance at the Skin Food shop near my office and got my self the Carrot Nail Balm. I was amazed when I tried it on my cuticles. It worked on my dry cuticles. I used it around 2-3 days and the peeling stopped.


Personal - Can't sleep

So I decided to post a random entry.. (long post)

2012 has been eventful so far, happy but confusing at the same time. I've been going through some life events for the past few months, mostly happy moments.


My dad has been teaching me how to drive, and 2 weeks ago I started driving alone to work. I go to the office 3 times a week and work from home for 2 days... I have been driving alone for around 8 days now. 6 days driving to work,1 day going to the grocery and the other driving to Makati for my haircut...

For the 8 days of driving alone, I think I've been able to experience a lot of normal driving situations like driving  in heavy traffic in the highway, driving at night... driving in the rain during heavy traffic, driving in the rain during heavy traffic at night... I hate night driving. I hate the rain. I like traffic because I don't have to drive fast but I hate going home late...

I also had my first passenger (other than my dad) last Friday... I was so stressed about it, but my passenger was talkative enough that I forgot about being stressed and having hyper acidity that night.


What the $#% was I thinking!!!!?

I made a mistake and chose a hairstyle that wasn't suited for my face! ARGH!!

Evidence of the tragedy of my wrong choices! (Of course I tried to smile to lessen the horridness of my bad decision) *SOBS*


Artsy Fartsy Update: Lips

I'm almost done!!!

I think I REALLY improved drawing lips, I'm so excited about finishing this project of mine.. I still need to master drawing  the eyes and the hair and the correct facial proportions... I think I drew the nose a little too long this time...

I wanted her to look a little doll like.. but I can't seem to execute what I wanted... I still need a little more practice in drawing.


Work in Progress: Practicing Digital Art

I've been posting too much make up related entries lately so I wanted to do something artsy fartsy today. ^_^

I started another Digital Art drawing using SAI.

I posted this picture on my FB, hoping to find some one who could give me some tips... unfortunately it's not much of a hot topic like my finding-a-1k-bill-in-an-old-wallet-status. Oh yeah, I found a crispy 1k bill in an old wallet (made my day).


Nail Art: Just in Time for Valentine's

Despite being single this coming Valentine's day, I feel giddy and happy for some reason I even grew my nails long. I cant explain why... but consider it a celebration of freedom independence.

I didn't want to go overboard with reds and pinks this Valentine's day so I went with purple and pink. Here are the nail polishes I used.

As usual I used my skin food top coat~


New Hobby(?) Resin Charms and a Mini Rant

I've been thinking about playing around with resin for a long time, probably as long as I have been making polymer clay charms or since I stumbled upon Snowfern's website.

Should I pick up another hobby? Every time I see some resin jewelry tutorials I spend 2-3 hours drooling over the things I can make with resin like:

  • miniature cups
  • realistic miniature fruit jams, sauces, soups...
  • miniature plates
  • my own rhinestones <-- this makes me the most excited... all I need is the shiny back
  • Some charms
  • my own beads

I already have the molds for it or I can already create my own silicone molds... All I need is the resin. I wish it was locally available.


Cute Nail Art Video tutorials

I love people who share~!

Here are some nail art video tutorials that I would like to try out.

Strawberry Pink Gingham Nail Tutorial by MimiMemeko


Yoon Eun Hye Inspired nails

For those of you who do not know her, she's my favorite Korean actress, she appeared in Goong (Princess Hours), and The 1st shop of Coffee Prince. I love how she can transform. And even if she's in a provocative attire, she hardly looks trashy..

Source: Yoon Eun Hye's posterous


Sassy Nail Art Brush and Pen duo

I completely forgot about posting this! I was really excited that I found these at a Watson's branch near my office last November.

I wish they had better color choices though. The silver and gold pens were the only colors that stood out... the rest were just the typical primary or secondary colors. I also noticed that some pens had the pins (for removing clogs) stuck at the bottom of the tube, the metallic ones had none.. I was too shy to take one from the other tubes and stick them on the ones I was buying...

I bought the metallic gold and silver pens..