Dissecting Etude's Happy Teatime Peach Tea Cleansing Foam

I thought I was finally done with my first tube of the cleanser today but I discovered there was a whole lot of product left in the tube when I dissected it.

The product is so thick it's difficult to squeeze it out of the tube, which is the main reason why I thought there might be more product left in the tube. I'm not complaining about the packaging though, the product is really worth every single cent I spent for this since it lasted me around 6 months (I bought it Sept 2011).

I decided to transfer the remaining product in an empty facial wash bottle I had lying around for a few days. I was really worried that the bottle I used wasn't enough for the Happy Tea time cleanser. Thankfully, it was enough~

I feel like a scrooge hahaha~! Even though I already have 2 backups for the cleanser I still couldn't easily throw it away. I JUST HAD TO scavenge for the left overs. I love the cleanser so much hahaha!


  1. That was so clever of you to put the remaining cleanser on that cute little bottle. :P

    I'm glad the cleanser works for you. I wanted it to work for me but it broke me out instead.

  2. Thanks! I wasn't able to buy those cute dispensers from Watson's so I just used the bottle of a facial cleanser I used up a few days ago hehehe. It's too bad that the cleanser broke you out though :(