Sassy Color Nail Polish Haul

I dropped by Watson's this afternoon to check out the Revlon counter for the Just Bitten balm stains but I didn't see the shade I wanted, so I ended up at the Nail Polish Aisle =__= I was surprised to see the Sassy Colors display, Watson's only displayed less than 10 colors in really small bottles several months ago and now they had an overwhelming display of choices. Unfortunately, my mall rage kicked in and I ended up buying 7 shades, but it's a great deal! 18 pesos for amazing shades!

Trying SUPER hard to take an artsy shot (but failing miserably)

This is the first shade I picked up, I swatched it on my nails "AFTER" buying it and I was quite disappointed since it's only a top coat. I'm thinking of buying more glitter and adding it to the polish >: )

Another gorgeous shade! but again... it's sheer. BUT(!!!), I can still use it. The beauty of nail art is, you can still recycle these shopping mistakes and turn them into accents... hihihi~!

I haven't swatched this... I'm praying that it won't be as sheer as the others.

I didn't remember putting this shade in my shopping basket =_= but I think I can use this with the green polish above for a gradient design... especially if they are both sheer, it would look better!

At first, I thought this was a nail polish shade that my grand mother would pick, which is true, but when I swatched it, it made my nails look healthy pink (but metallic, lol).

I tried so hard to capture the actual color of this shade on picture but the closest to the true shade is by the air bubble in the bottle, It's a blue green metallic shade, it's so pretty!

I totally love this platinum shade... I still don't know what to do with this but I still love it...

I haven't tried any nail art design recently... I misplaced my new nail art supplies I bought online and I feel crippled that my cluttered room swallowed my new nail art stuff T_T *sighs*

Major OC mode...

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