Project: New blog template XD

I've always wanted to create my own blogger template ever since I started blogging but I didn't have the time and the skills to make my own though... So, I'm looking for some inspiration~

Here's my inspiration board-ISH

 Yup, Lace everywhere~! I want a girly otaku layout!!! I need to make my own chibi character soon XD I wonder how I'd do that though...

Image credits:
Google Search: Lace blogger background
babydoll.nu - smilies


Current Favorites: Narakashiwa Charcoal Mask and Daiso Rose Hand Cream

Recently, I've been uninspired to do anything artistic. Probably because I'm moving to a new company tomorrow... nerves?

I attempt to do a lot of things but I end up doing them half heartedly so most of the time I don't bother trying (blogging included).

Although, I have somethings I look forward to from my recent damaging haul from Saizen.

First is the Narakashiwa Charcoal Mask and second is the Daiso Hand Cream.

I've read a lot about the charcoal mask from random blogs I've stumbled on during boring workdays... I wasn't that interested about it until I saw it on the shelves of Saizen.

I've tried the charcoal mask twice after my haul... I love how it feels on my skin while the mask is drying and after I peel it off. I should probably show a picture of all the dirt it can pull out, but I'm still contemplating if I should post product reviews on my blog..

Anyway, my second fave (ATM) is the Daiso hand cream. It's so dainty looking I had to buy it. I would've bought the Lavender one but the Rose one looked a lot more cute. Obviously, I bought it for the packaging. I looks like a product from Majolica Majorca, right?

As for the scent, I'd describe it as Potpourri BUT I'd go with my friend's description as "Scented Stationaries" Nyahahaha! Fits the packaging XD

Despite being uninspired I do have a list of things I want to do but I can't because I'm too lazy:
1. Make a doll house display for my miniatures
2. Make push molds out of the oyumaru I bought from Saizen
3. Practice putting on Nail Polish...
4. My blog layout...
5. Try out one of my fave bloggers' eyeshadow tutorials...

I'm so nervous about tomorrow... =_=


Bad BB Cream!

Look what happened to my bb cream!!!!!!

Evil evil packaging!!!!!

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Face Mask testing~

Out of the major hauls (holes in the wallet) I've made, I have tried Purederm's Aloe Collagen Mask and the Vitalizing Green Tea Pack this week.

I loved the Collagen Face mask more than the Green Tea Pack, The Collagen Face mask felt refreshing on my face I almost fell asleep with it on my face, when I took it off, it didn't feel super sticky like the other masks I tried on an I was able to leave the excess on my face to dry :)

On the other hand, the vitalizing green tea pack was kinda weird =_= I didn't really like it. It was slimy, sticky, and clumpy...

Vitalizing Green Tea Pack

Honestly, both facial masks didn't have life changing results for me like the DIY aspirin mask which gave my super soft skin on the first try. However, my frequent skin care experiments has been helpful when it comes to my freckles. ^__^

Speaking of aspirin mask, I think I found something that gives the same baby butt soft skin effect as the aspirin mask... I'll share it in another post :)


First BB Cream

Last Saturday I bought my first bb cream, unfortunately I bought it without doing any research before purchasing. I'm a sucker for cute packaging...

The shade is for people who have pink undertones... I have a yellow undertone so it looks weird on me. I tried putting less product but it still looks weird on me... Though I bought it for less than 300 php, I didn't want it to go to waste... so I experimented a bit and used it as a concealer under my tinted elf moisturizer.. I still looked pale but it looks more decent.. I'm hoping my acidity would help this time.. but my ELF moisturizer doesn't go dark on my face... oh well... as long as I look decent, right?


Saizen Haul!!! (Retail Therapy)

I've been feeling really down lately and I've been shopping like crazy to take my mind off things. I don't normally go out of my way to buy stuff, but yesterday I was so stressed out about a whole lot of random stuff.

So, I made a trip to saizen, with the intention of buying some nail art stuff... but I ended up buying other things as well XD I spent 3000 php on all my loots argh... my poor wallet

Here's a list of the things I bought:
1. Black, Brown, Yellow, White Nail art Enamel
2. Metallic Blue, Red, Pink, and Cream 3D art pens from Nail Nail
3. A glittery nail polish
4. Toe Separators
5. The famous Charcoal Mask
6. Fake Mail set of 110
7. a pack of make up sponges.
8. Ear plugs
9. 5 packs of Oyumaru Resin mold 
10. Plastic Clay tools.
11. Liquid Chalk
12. Fabric and Leather Bond
13. a super glue pen
14. Cleansing pad
15. 350 pcs of ear buds
16. a metal puzzle
17. Shiny powder (I thought this was something like the pearl powders for clay but apparently it's eyeshadow)
18. Rose scented hand cream
19. 2 packs of felt fabric
20. stuff to organize the incoming clutter I just bought...

I'm actually disappointed with the puzzle rings I bought since I took me less than 5 minutes to solve... but I love the cleansing pad (even though it makes my face feel super raw after washing). Other things I love were the organizing stuff, and the hand cream. Really looking forward to using the 3D nail art pens and the nail enamel...

I'm currently struggling with the oyumaru resin molds XD gahahahaha but I'm happy..

Quote from BF when he saw loots: "You REALLY went crazy"


Major haul!

So I went on another movie date with my boyfriend to watch Fast 5. Last weekend we watched Thor and we wanted to have a movie marathon but we didn't have enough time. Today we had enough time even for shopping!! I was finally able to buy the stuff I've been itching to buy

Here's what I bought:
Face shop:
Nail dot pen in silver
Herb day lip and eye make up remover

Pure beauty jasmin water bb cream
Kleenex oil control film
Purederm grape yogurt pack
Purederm vitalizing green tea pack
Purederm strawberry yogurt pack
Watsons foot ease slingback strips
Purederm aloe collagen mask
Purederm brightening essence mask
Caronia white satin

Ermm, mostly skin care items... I wont write a review but i'll definitely sharey experience...

Time to try the bb cream wahahaha!!!

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Nail Art Therapy

I feel like nail art is getting me through my depression.. or I'm just getting high because of the smell of nail polish! HAHAHAHA just kidding.

I want to go crazy and buy a whole lot of tools and colors but like my other hobbies, this might be a phase for me, since I'm depressed and all. I wan't to change designs everyday~ I have so many ideas for designs =_=

1. Alice in wonderland nails
 - I need yellow polish =_= Oh wait!! I have acrylic paints! har har har
2. Strawberry Nails
 - I can use my current nail colors
3. Watermelon nails
 - same as strawberry nails hihihi
4. Piggy nails
 - I tried this before my cherry blossom nails but failed miserably
5. French Tip with some art
 - I need to grow my nails again for this...
6. Cloud Nails
 - I think I can work with the colors I have now for this design.
7. Peacock nails
 - in black and white with color accents XD

I need a place to put my ideas on XD I don't feel like putting it on my new sketch pad... =_= but I might forget..

The only thing I don't like about doing my nails is the smell of the nail polish... especially my new Face Shop polishes XD

My mind's wandering off to a different world again... I'm getting lazy =_=


Nail art attempt #3

My third attempt at nail art!!! I think I'm getting the hang of dotting using my left and right hand.. I still need to practice the basics though...

Anyway, I used the following:
Nail color: GR503, PK102 and thw white nail dot pen (all from Face Shop).

The colors would probably look better on fairer skin... Oh well...

By the way, I'm currently testing an app called blogpress on my ipod touch... I wish my ipod had a better cam and I'd say this is a perfect blogging app for me.

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Dilemma: Which Foundation to buy

This month I tried 2 primers and foundations at the mall... I tried the following products:

Majolica Majorca's Skin Lingerie Pore Cover

Image credit

Skin Remaker Pore Cover
Image credit

Shu Uemura's UV Under Base Mousse SPF30
Image credit: Google~

Face Architect Smoothing Fluid Foundation.

Image Credit: face architect smoothing fluid foundation

I'm totally in love with how face architect made my face feel super smooth but after a few hours my face felt itchy... I love Majolica Majorca's packaging and some of their products but the foundation felt a little heavy...

I don't know what to buy... Should I try other brands?


Being down..

I haven't been 'normal' lately... Okay.. Okay.. I'm a little down about things and I haven't really talked about it with my friends... I'm still not able to write about it...

Anyway, there's a video clip from glee I kinda liked... not entirely related to my problems but I seem to be a little affected by it...


Nail Art Attempt 1 and 2~

I recently bought nail art pens~ and it's not as easy as I thought it would be >_< despite my sloppy work, I still wanted to share my first and second attempt~!

First attempt! T_T I actually forgot to take better pictures of my first nail art... forgive meeee~ (BAD BLOGGER!)

First attempt took me 2 hours XD

Second attempt! Yay for better pictures!!!

I know, I know... I have dry ugly hands... =_= I'm working on it...

I also used the same color as my first attempt.. I just didn't want my nails to be noticed at work since I changed the design after 2 days XD I also have a limited selection at the moment.