Super Cute earrings @?!

I bought some earrings during my lunch break at Terranova 2 weeks ago. They were on sale~! I really didn't want to buy anything but 4 pairs of super cute earrings at 145 Php, why not! It was such a deal...

I got all these for 290 Php~! 8 pairs!!!

I'm so happy about my !, @, and ? earrings... I want to wear all but I have super sensitive ears so I have to train my ears for a while..

I tried the earrings on for a bit~!

after a few minutes and several allergies later:

I love my new earrings!!! hmm @?!

And yes, I have a lot of piercings on my ear.. I still have around 6 piercings, originally.. I had 7.

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