Agile Methodology

For some weird reason, some higher being in the office decided to implement the Agile Methodology for the team that I am in. I hate it.. but there's nothing I can do about it at the moment. So rather than being spoiled and petty and pushing my personal issues on other people, I did some reading about it and looked for some way to make it work for me.

Apparently, most articles about the Agile Methodology is "developer" centric... bullshit! and most QA hate it. Articles that were from experiences of QA in an Agile environment say that test automation is the key to success in this methodology. In other words, the Agile methodology requires robots instead of real testers.

We can do test automation, how ever this may be a drawback for the company I am in. I see the hesitance of people on the management side to invest some time and effort to automate most tests. It is usually forgotten. Another drawback is that no one is knowledgable about the tool. It is easy to use as is but some knowledge of xpath, java script and other things would make the tool even more powerful if given the time and effort to learn them.

I still hate Agile testing... especially if the planning is done in a developer's mind set without any consideration on the load the QA gets...

I feel that the planners take the QA for granted... put in tasks, backlogs, stories in and add a few QA tasks for each just to say that the story has been tested to some extent.

Given the things I said, I still haven't found anything that could make my "Agile" testing life easier.

It's probably time for me to look for better management...
Time to update my resume~
Newskills to add:
1. Test Automation
2. Internet Banking
3. Agile Methodology <-- this might get me in trouble...


Artist Block

I think I'm currently suffering from an Artist's Block.. either that or my hobbies are on rotation. Last Feb it was polymer clay accessiories, March was more on photography-ish ('ish' because I just took random pictures), and this month... eating... video games... sleeping... attempting to be vain (if you can call that a hobby). I think it's safe to say that I'm not interested in doing anything. I having a movie marathon but I fell asleep in the middle of each movie.

I've been tired after work since we recently changed our work process from Waterfall to Agile. I hate agile testing.

I wonder how I could get my mojo back...


Polymer clay series..

I kinda lost my claying mojo this march... I know I want to make studs but when someone haggled for almost 50% off the earrings I made.. I was disappointed. Although I have to get used to people haggling but it's sad and insulting at the same time. Some people just don't appreciate the effort a person puts in handmade crafts...

Anyway... I wanted to make a series of something as practice for my clay hobby although I couldn't think of anything interesting like Joojoo's snails. Maybe fruits or veggies... or seasonal accessories. However I might end up with a whole lot of clutter if I'm unable to sell them.

I don't want to make more miniature cakes or cupcakes right now... maybe I'll stick to fruits and cute creatures... hehehe.. It's worth a try..


Post Birthday love~

This post is 12 days late hahaha.. I really hate that tech guy who blocked all access to blogspot pages...

anyway, meet Kapo! My officemates gave him to me for my birthday~