How Long Has It Been?

How long has it been since I played a video game? I used to consider myself a gamer before, but today, I couldn't even play a game for more than an hour without getting tired of it. Have I finally outgrown playing video games? Was it also something I let go in a previous chapter of my life?

I've been playing some games though, but not like the MMO's or the RPG's I played before. I can only play games that I can finish in less than an hour.

Honestly, It's a little frustrating. I don't want to consider gaming as the most important thing in that 'previous chapter' but I can't deny that it's what kept me 99% busy those days. Maybe 95%? I think I got tired of playing  in the middle of the chapter...

I have always considered gaming as part of my identity... Something that kept me different from most girls. It's really annoying that even before this 'previous chapter' that I've been repeating in this post... I have always been lemming for the newest RPG. Any Final Fantasy Series, any RPG with cute characters, anything with anime looking graphics or even an old game. I could play an old game over and over without eating or sleeping. Now, it's different. I feel different. Everything is changing...

Unfortunately, It is the one thing I miss the most from that previous chapter of my life. Whether I want that part of my identity back... I still haven't decided yet.


Dissecting Etude's Happy Teatime Peach Tea Cleansing Foam

I thought I was finally done with my first tube of the cleanser today but I discovered there was a whole lot of product left in the tube when I dissected it.


At the Parking Lot

I've been driving for a few weeks now, it isn't as life changing as I thought it would be. I still have a lot to learn like parking or driving at steep roads...

I think I'm reverting to my old apathetic self. Not caring about issues and losing interest in a lot of stuff/people. Or maybe this is the side effect of my 1 month shopping ban challenge? I don't feel 'empty' if that's what it seems like... It's more of being too lazy to care.

I haven't had any art related posts since my last digital artwork, which I haven't even finished. I haven't had the time to do any art related activities... I practically forced myself to do some nail art this week...

I'm currently adjusting my sleep, I've been sleeping late (any time past 12 mn) for the past three years because of video games and an unhealthy relationship. This time I'm trying to sleep before 10:30 pm. I've been sleeping well since I started. Although I feel like my time for myself is limited to Driving to work, working, driving home and sleeping. I just need to adjust.

I've been waking up early as well. I'm able to choose the easiest parking slot to park every morning because I wake up early. I still need to move to a different slot though, so that my car wont be exposed to the heat of summer.



I was only gone for a week and I was only a few blocks away from home and my room feels different. Why did I feel more at home when I was staying at my sister's house? Was it because I didn't have to deal with my evil step mother or my negative aunt?

I slept better when I was at my sister's house.

I can't explain what's different with me right now. I don't feel 100% at ease in my room right now. Though I'm absolutely sleepy, I can't sleep. I could nap 2 to 3 times a day at my sister's house and still fall asleep at night. Last night I only got 4 hours of sleep, I'm exhausted but I really can't sleep.

Maybe I should consider moving out, soon? I wonder if I could afford it right now? Maybe not...