Well... I feel so bad neglecting my blog.. It's so annoying that our network guys blocked blogspot... there are so many tutorials for the Agile methodology and Automated testing in blogs. I really wish they get to read this... BOO Corporate Climbers!

So many things had happened in the few months, March, April and May have been mean to me. Had to deal with people with VERY abrasive personalities. At first the insecurity and the jealousy was something that is tolerable but the hypocrisy was too much.

What is Hypocrisy(According to Wikipedia)?
Hypocrisy is the act of persistently professing beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards that are inconsistent with one's actions. Hypocrisy is thus a kind of lie.

The hypocrite thinks that what he or she usually professes does not somehow apply to him or her. It is not simply an inconsistency between what is praised or admired and what is done.

Bull's eye!

"I don't know what problem you have but it's probably difficult to pronounce"

What is a Superiority Complex (Wiki again):
The term "superiority complex", in everyday usage, refers to an overly high opinion of oneself; in psychology, it refers to the unrealistic and exaggerated belief that one is better than others.

Bull's eye again... some people think they're better than other people then get extremely bitter and overly defensive when they're threatened by someone else. Trying to pull down another person or can't and won't accept the accomplishments of another... Getting mad when someone else is recognized for something... Smirking when someone is happy about something.


(Hypocrisy + Superiority Complex) + (Bitterness x 2) +Abrasiveness =  Medical condition a professional should look at..

Good morning!!!


Books: Jim Henson's Return to Labyrinth

This Saturday I  came across a manga that made me so nostalgic. It was Jim Henson's Return to Labyrinth manga!!! I didn't buy it because only volumes 2 and 3 were available, I should've bought it anyway.. I dreamt about it last night... probably a sign that I shouldn't deny that I really want it....

I grew up watching sesame street in the morning and the muppets show at night and some random Jim Henson movies afterwards... His movies were weird but never scary... The Labyrinth was the only title I remember from his movies...

I really want those books and I'll probably dream about it tonight...


Neglect... and a little hair pampering

I've been neglecting this blog for a while... I was bullied by March and April. However, I've collected a lot of pictures I took on my cam-phone to blog... I'll try to blog about those once I recover.. Anyway this is just a little vanity update..

I don't know if I mentioned that my favorite salon is Tony and Jackey in Makati. I've been getting my hair cut and treatments no where else! I love the service and I love love love how they cut my hair. My first stylist was Martin, he made my hair amazingly lighter. I  have SUPER thick hair, not the type of thick other people would like to have though. It's so thick that when it's too long, my scalp starts to hurt because it's heavy.

The next stylist I had was Ms Hani. She was the cutest one in the salon hahaha! I love how she cut my hair, I secretly wanted hair like Taylor Momsen in Gossip Girl and she was able to cut it like that without me saying anything (this made me love her forever!). She knew how to handle really thick hair (and thin hair see this blog post:  thesecuriousdays.com). Unfortunately, I wasn't able take any pictures of my hair, but borrowed a picture of Ms. Hani~ (also from thesecuriousdays.com)

Anyway, since Ms. Hani wasn't there anymore, J.K. cut my hair. I wasn't able to understand him much but he took care of my hair and that's enough. He curled my hair after the cut hahaha.. I might get a digital perm soon!