Dangerous Packaging and Chronic Clumsiness

I'm not sure if anyone noticed but the Packaging for the Nail Polish Remover and the Lip and Eye make up remover looks dangerously the same...

Even the pink nail polish remover looks 'similar' to the mascara remover
Last night, while I was in a food coma and getting ready to sleep. I went over my "work area" (can't call it a vanity) and reached for my Lip and Eye Make up remover which was beside my Nail Polish remover. I noticed that I almost grabbed the bottle of Nail polish remover instead of the make up remover.

Of course I wont blame it all on the packaging. I was born a clutz and my room is branded (by my own brother) as a pigsty. *Sigh* maybe it's just my clumsiness after all..


  1. lol at the title!
    then you should not put them all in one place.
    i make sure that all my nail related items are on a different place where i put my cosmetics/skincare table.

    anyway,i hate etude house removers whether it's the polish or eye make-up remover. i like their baking soda (is it soda or powder) cleansing water though...

  2. I "must" remember to put them in separate bins... I'll probably look for a different place to do my nail art as well...

    The etude removers are also a hit and miss for me. :)