Goodbye 2012, Hello New Year!

2012 is my year of positivity. I had great experiences with good friends, learned new things, improved on a lot of my hobbies and so much more. Compared to the previous years 2008 to 2011, 2012 is a complete transformation from too much drama and negativity to positivity and peace! Well not world peace, but peace of mind.

Before the year ends, I decided to share some happy moments I had for 2012.


Things That Make Me Happy #3: Christmas Hangover!

Though I practically locked myself in my room this holiday season, I feel well rested.. well duh, how can I not feel rested when all I did was eat, sleep, play, read, and watch dramas for 4 days straight? Currently I am preparing myself for another 4 day isolation therapy for this coming New Year hahaha!

I haven't been posting anything but my Happy series lately. I've been meaning to start a new art work on Sai or some polymer clay charms but I had second thoughts since I wouldn't put it down until I finish drawing/crafting again wahahaha! Lazy daisy~!

I'll try to post some artworks in between, for now here's another random dose of positivity.

 Glitter Santa! Isn't he the cutest wine bottle topper?


Things That Make Me Happy #2: Christmas Spirit

What a busy week hmm month(?)... I was more busy doing Christmas related activities at work rather than my actual tasks now I have a buttload ton of tasks to do. It's so stressful I almost forgot about my Happy blog series. Too much negativity around me. Good thing I remembered about my little goal of making a weekly list of things that make me happy. I really need a good dose of positivity right now. I choose to be happy! ^__^


Was I this awkward?

My grandmother's special mass is over, we decided not to go to the US to visit our grandmother so that we can hold a little service for our relatives here in the Philippines. Although, to be honest... I wanted to go and see her, but I can't be selfish, I'm not the only one who loved her.

I made a short video/slideshow for her, it was quite funny when I was adding music to the presentation, I couldn't use the usual songs people use for funerals like Somewhere In Time or Hindi Kita Malilimutan or The Prayer, they were too sad! My grand mother was the happiest person I know. She always had parties... costume parties to be exact. I've heard numerous stories of her and her "conquests" about her boyfriends/crushes, yes, it's not just one. I've heard stories of her dissing her boyfriend because he wanted to marry her.. hahaha! She didn't want any responsibility of taking care of her husband. HAHAHA! I also found a recognition award she won included in her photo album for being the Most Energetic and Cheerful Participant of 2011 hahaha.  Only fun upbeat songs suit my grandmother. :) She lived her life well.

The actual certificate is with me.


In memory of Lola Piang

I just found out that my grandmother passed away, It should be a sad thing but all my memories of her are happy memories, I can't help but smile each time I think of her. Though we lived miles away from each other, I always heard about her funny adventures. She was such a pleasant person, always smiling, throwing her cute costume parties with her friends and loved ones.

I decided to have an impromptu dose of positivity dedicated to my family and my dearest lola Piang:


Positive Energy, Things That Make Me Happy

I stumbled upon a very inspiring blog (Color Me Katie) while I was on a break. I don't know how to describe how I am drawn in... she has something that I wish I had, her lifestyle, the choices she can make when it comes to decorating her room/house, the confidence she has to take random people "unknowingly" interacting with her street art. I wish I didn't care what people say, just like her.

As soon as you see Katie Sokoler's blog, ton's of fun, colors and positivity welcome you. This is why I will attempt to do a little "What Made Me Happy" series inspireby by Katie's posts. A dose of positive energy every now and then wouldn't hurt. Also, I get to be more confident in taking pictures since I would be posting more photos of things that make me happy :) I should definitely make this a new year's resolution.

Things that made me happy this week,

The mess I made during my art attacks... more like an art revolution on my table.


Hello Clay, We Meet Again - Work In Progress

A few more days before Christmas and here I am trying to cram my Christmas gift project. Last year, I used Air Dry Clay, this year I revisited my polymer clay stash. I think I think I prefer polymer clay over air dry clay, despite the extra step of baking it. Air Dry Clay is too messy for me and I have to work fast, and I feel pressured because my clay is drying... =__=


Blog Character, A Chibified Me

I'm still in search for a good chibi version of me, I haven't found my own drawing style I can recreate more than once. I need more practice... So far I've been trying to copy some pictures and making it my own as practice so I can find the particular style I'm comfortable with. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who's like this but ever since I learned how to draw, I tried to copy something and learn while I copy what I'm drawing and when I'm comfortable doing a certain look or style. I try to incorporate it in most of my drawings until I master it. >_<


Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner and Some Random Stuff

WHEW!! What a mouthful! I've been lemming for this liner since I saw a review on bunbunmakeuptips.com September this year. I kept looking for online sellers but I gave up for a few months until I discovered the Clio stall at the SM department store in SM Megamall. I bought a the black and the purple liners for 475 Php, way cheaper than the other online sellers!

I bought the blue and the purple ones~!