Finished Product - Resin Workshop Day 2

I feel sad that the workshop is over! I felt at home being with "my kind" of people! Even though I was only at the CraftMNL workshop for less than 24 hours, I will miss the place. >_<

Until next time :)
This Thursday, I was finally able to see the results of all our hard work on day 1 and everything looked so pretty!!!


Curiosity Satisfied - Resin Workshop Day 1

I was finally able to try out making resin jewelry!! Early last year, I mentioned in a post that I was interested in trying resin as a new craft medium. I can't believe that it took me a year to finally try it out. Well, finding art supplies in the Philippines is so difficult.

I enrolled in a 2 day resin jewelry making workshop offered by Craft MNL. I wanted to enroll since March but I had to cancel my registration because of work. Thankfully, Craft MNL opened another session. Nikki, the instructor told me I was the first on to sign up for the class.. wahahaha~!


Warning: This Organism is Extremely Giddy...

Thank you Nelli for the "pampalubag loob"
Coffee, art materials, Peppero and Jo Jung Suk = a very giddy blogger. 

Today is such a spaz fest! I have been craving for McDonald's Iced coffee for at least 2 weeks now. I'm still on my coffee ban but today I finally gave in. Coffee~!

While drinking my coffee and watching Jo Jung Suk's new drama, the art materials I ordered online arrived! Apparently, I'd drop everything (even my current rom-com crush) for my art materials~!

I finally got the rubber stamps I wanted! >_< I can't wait for Christmas~! I've been looking for rubber stamps since last year but most of the stamps I saw were WAY too expensive. I got my alphabet stamps for 450 Pesos from Patrick Lovebird. Though I was looking for the chibi character stamps for my journal (yes, aside from my blog I do keep a journal), the alphabet stamps are more practical, right?


[Personal] I Need Space...

For my books.. >: ) Bwahahaha!


[Random] A Little Shorter...

A bob? Hmm... maybe not? =_=

It wasn't a good idea to draw when my eyes and hands are tired (Messed up her legs..) =_=


Haller Baler - Surf

This sedentary being went surfing once again~! My colleagues and I went on a surfing adventure in Aurora, Baler. We stayed at the Bay's Inn, the same resort my close friends and I stayed in last 2009, and I actually got the same room I had before. Either our contact remembered and put us there or it was just a coincidence, either way.. it was... interesting.

I'll be posting the pictures in parts instead of one, laziness got the best of me. This tired catatonic organism is in dire need of some rest (and a little inspiration motivation).

Also, I did not take these pictures. My bag was getting too heavy for me and I decided to leave my camera at home. All photo credits go to my friend Hei. >: ) Hei, thank you for letting me post your pictures on my blog~!

I finally have a picture of me standing!

She was the first one to stand~!