Monday Artwork: Attack of the Tantrums

Moody... just plain moody. Could have drawn this better too... =_= jeez...


[Personal] Unhealthy Competition

As much as possible I try to stay away from competitive people... They are so exhausting to be with... Here's a quote-able quote about unhealthy competitions:
There was this underlying competition that got in the way of any real conversation... - Brad Pitt
 He said this about Tom Cruise after working with him for the movie "Interview with the Vampire." It's so perfect... you can't have a "real conversation" with someone who keeps on competing with you. I'd rather read a book than engage in a conversation laced with malicious pleasure.

It's hard to work with or even be friends with people who's obsessed with competing. Besides, you can't really say that you're friends when you're seen as a rival, right? It's better to stay away.

I don't really care who's better, for goodness sake, just let me live my life. I don't need to bring anyone down just to feel confident about myself, how about competing with me in that area?


New Tablet!

I can finally retire my 10 year old graphics tablet~! My Genius MousePen i608x finally worked! I bought it last April and contemplated on how to dispose of it since I couldn't install it on my laptop... I was so disappointed about buying a glorified mouse that I really wanted to just throw it away out of frustration. =_=


Monday Artwork: Under the Weather...

Okay, fine... I misplaced the text...

Migraines... *end of post*


[Random] Fangirl Level 40

Must... prepare... mini... shrine... *wipes drool off face*

"Muwahahahaha.... MUWAHAHAHAHA!"
I have never been so attached to bunch of pixels in my whole life~! Until I started playing Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan on my 3DS...

I love Otome games/girly visual novels but the Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan game is different from all the other visual novels I've played.



Monday Artwork: Cats and a Banana

These are some of my first batches of miniatures I made when I started learning how to make polymer clay miniatures. I shamelessly copied the cats from a blog I saw and the banana is the first polymer clay miniature I painted.

Anyway, here's the link of the blog I mentioned: http://smallfire-smallfire.blogspot.com/ It's worth a visit! She made the best Totoro Polymer Clay charm I've seen ^__^


Doodles on Photos

I really like seeing doodles on photos, I dunno what it's called specifically but it's something similar to scrap booking only digital... It's hard to explain but I usually see it in Japanese, Chinese or Korean blogs and sometimes in Korean series (Flower Boy Next Door) and Movies like The Art of Seduction.

Some screenshots of the series Flower Boy Next Door

Most of the Credits in the series look like this >_<