Photo spam

Been taking lots of pictures using instagram...


Wow.. Just Wow.

I'm currently stalking a Korean Group called 2PM,  (teehee) I discovered their twitter accounts and I saw this:

It's from Nichkhun! It's really nice to see something like this at the end of the day. No wonder he has a lot of fans and followers.

I decided to follow his tweets since most of his tweets are in English :p


Merry Christmas~! (260th post)

Merry Christmas to all ^_^

I finally finished my SAI drawing today... I really hate the hair.. I don't understand why I can't draw a good hairstyle on her... but I got the technique of drawing the hair.. At least...

Still not perfect.. but I think I'm improving... I still suck at mixing colors...


Experimental: Trying out my brown geo lenses

Since one of my green contacts hurt when I put them on, I tried on my brown ones. It feels much better than my green geo lenses. My eyes are still dry but they're much more comfortable than the green ones.

Self portrait mode!!! vain vain vain vain~

I think I found my Domo Pouch... (Behind me, on my pillow)
Also, I experimented using my MMJ liquid liner. I think I'm also getting better at applying liquid liners.. Yay for starting to look presentable!!! I was successful at doing... erm putting... erm... =_= (whatever) applying a winged eyeliner look... =_= I have no idea how to say it.. lol!


Fruit slices!

These buggers made my hands hurt!!! I bought some fimo fruit canes at a Nail Art Kiosk at Market Market. They're so difficult to slice.. =_=

Sorry for the low res photo... Too tired to look for my cam...

A few more things to do for xmas, I hope I finish on time...

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Random Thoughts

I would've been hyper today I wasn't nursing a 6 day migraine... Anyway my brain's super active on my way to work...

Artsy Fartsy:
I started my day by putting some acrylic primer on my minis. Using polymer clay is easier than working with air dry clay... I really suck at painting and mixing colors. I just hate baking my polymer clay and it's expensive! I'll try to prime my butterfly wings before painting them. I tried using India ink on air dry clay and the ink seeped through the wings. I hope the primer I bought would help.

Speaking of prices, build city at Shang has polymer clay.

It so funny that I was mistaken (TWICE) for a "teenager" or "student" last week. GWAHAHAHA~! First, was the cab driver when I was on my way to go jogging with a friend. Second, was the ophthalmologist I went to last Saturday. Both were lecturing me about doing stuff teenagers shouldn't do.. like ride a cab alone at night, or being experimental with colored contacts from Korea. Hahaha! They were both surprised when I told them my age. The doctor was really nice, I didn't really have a consultation but he gave me tips about my contacts since he thought I was a teenager who didn't know what she was doing. Hahahaha


Work in Progress: SAI Drawing

My friend noticed that most of my posts have been about make up and some other shallow stuff. So I decided to post something artsy fartsy.

Most of my SAI drawings are left undone.. Mostly because I get frustrated when I see other peoples art works... but my latest work seems to be better than my other drawings... 

Inspired by my colored contacts HAHAHAH


Self Portraits

Recently I mentioned that I've started to change. My self esteem is starting to cooperate with me and started to cheer me up as well ^_^

I tried on my green geo lens today before removing all my make up... I know it's not recommended to do that but I really wanted to see ^_^

Here's my camwhoring self portait session 101:

This picture made my day.


Product Rant: Ever Bilena Make up Remover

I bought this make up remover since I was running out of my Maybelline Eye and Lip Make-up remover.. Unfortunately, it stings my eyes so much and it doesn't really remove my Majolica Majorca mascara =_= I guess I'm not "hiyang" with Ever Bilena products. I tried their lip stain on the back of my hand and I got rashes.


Circle Lenses: I just couldn't wait

I tried putting the lenses on again! SUCCESS!!!

=_= I tried putting the lenses on as soon as I got out of the shower~! Hahahaha I don't think there's anything fantastic about how it looks on me though... This is the Nudy Green Geo Lens. Maybe it'll look better if I had some make up on? I'm still hesitant about putting on make up with the contacts on...

I wanna see what the brown ones look on my eyes.


GEO Lens adventure

I just wanted to share my first 3 attempts at putting on circle lenses.

My first attempt was PAINFUL! I don't know what I did wrong but it felt like something was scraping at my lids!! It was so painful I couldn't even open my eyes. However, my eyes weren't irritated afterwards and my eyes didn't go red.

My second attempt was kinda funny, I was able to put in the circle lens at my second try! It didn't hurt the first 5 seconds or so since I was able to look at the difference between my left and right eye and say "Wooow" then stand up then look behind before it started to hurt! HAHAHAHA!!

For my third attempt, I was actually successful at putting it on. Achievement~! Woohoo~!!! I put some lubricating eye drops before putting on my contacts.. I can only do my left eye but I'll work on my right eye next! One step at a time!

I was able to take 3 pictures of my alien like eyes hahaha.. 3 shots.. obviously I was already comfortable to move around, send some text messages to some people about the contacts, send another IM to another friend HAHAHA Yes I'm excited since my useless purchase is no longer useless!

Alien eyes~!

With flash and a bad ass lamp shade in front of me.
Next eye~! HAHAHA~! (Ok I feel silly now). I'll try to take more pictures when I'm comfortable enough to wear both.

Products I've finished up

Here are some products I've finished up... I rarely finish up stuff, I'm proud to post this entry~ Hahahaha!
I did finish up some other products like hair treatments, anti perspirants and some other stuff.

I'm only posting the important stuff I was able to use up like my Daiso Charcoal mask, my Asian Secrets Lulur scrub, my Witch hazel toner and my make up remover.


Another first: Geo Lenses

I do not know what has gotten into me.. I recently purchased 2 pairs of Geo Lenses from aigooshoppe.multiply.com. I read about this shop from syry-online.blogspot.com. (I totally understand why she recommended this seller.) ^_^

I have never tried wearing contact lenses before since I have 20/20 vision and being a late bloomer I was never in with the current fads during high school (My classmates in HS wore flashy colored contact lenses like purple and blue). I still couldn't explain why I decided to purchase Geo Lenses just now... Oh wait, I think it's their promo.

I haven't tried them on yet. Ms. Val, the seller, told me to soak my lenses for 6 hours before trying them on. So at the moment, I'm still waiting. ^__^

Although, I took pictures while opening the vials of my lenses.. I was so excited! I was actually expecting the package to arrive tomorrow (Monday), but to my surprise I got it while I was eating lunch today! (Happy~!)

2 pairs of lenses and 2 pairs of piggy cases!!


Make Up Collection

I just wanted to post my clutter collection for fun. I thought I had a whole lot but compared to other people I'd say I only have the essentials and a few others hahaha!

Eye products:

I didn't realize I had a lot of eyeliners including my gel liner. The two liners on top have never been used... I don't really know why I bought them, I'll probably use them when my MMJ liner runs out. I only have 1 mascara. I've tried other mascaras but my MMJ mascara is my fave. I also have brown eyebrow pencil that I only use for the sharpener... I don't use it since I don't know how.


Shopping like crazy: Majolica and Shiseido Haul

For the past few weeks I've been shopping/spending like crazy.. I guess I just have too much free time (and freedom)... I feel like I deprived myself for 3 years and I've been releasing all the things I let go... opportunity costs...

I went to an outlet sale today! The one posted by many bloggers, apparently they didn't really advertise for certain reasons that I have no liberty of saying on my blog. I spent a little below 2500 php for 11 items from Shiseido and Majolica Majorca/ Oh wait, they're the same company, HAHAHA... *cough cough* Lemming *cough cough*

The lipglosses aren't mine, I'll probably give them to my darling nieces.